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But after the ads, the next serve comes right to him, so he's able to slap one-handed it back over the net without moving and score their first point. He suggests to an opposing player, "If you need a rest, just hit it into the net, okay?" Sam and Dan talk about how much they like volleyball (somehow without mentioning Top Gun, if they're even old enough for that to have been a formative scene), but this version is hard to play if the ball's out of arm's reach, since you can't move your legs. I don't seem to recall Meghan and Cheyne having as much of a problem with that, probably because the two of them combined weigh less than one Globetrotter. The brothers do score one point by letting it go out of bounds on their side. The Globetrotters score a second point, as do the brothers when the opposing server hits the net (probably because of Sam rushing him rudely along). Then both teams get a third point. Meanwhile, the Americas are closing in on their target. The other two teams are also closing in, now at four points each. "I have a lot more respect for David than Goliath," Ericka says, firing another fruit and possibly a dis on Big Easy. Volleyball continues, and the Globetrotters are the next team to score five points, so they're done. Flight Time crawls off the court barking like a dog for some reason, his shorts falling down. They're off to the Pit Stop. Except, as Brian and Ericka are continuing to shoot, the Globetrotters take the time to get dressed again, and then head off along the boardwalk in the wrong direction. Whoops.

Sam and Dan's opponents hit the net again, completing the Detour for them, and they haul them selves out of the muck. Dan manages to convince Sam that the Pit Stop is thataway, and they head off further into the bog. "The Globetrotters are going the wrong way," Sam says. Flight Time has just realized as much, so they turn around to try to catch up. Which doesn't seem to take all that long, given how far they went in the wrong way. While trying to catch up, Flight Time slips but gets back up again, as Dan yells at Sam ahead of him to go faster. This boardwalk, after all, isn't really wide enough to pass anyone on, at least at a run. But that doesn't stop Flight Time from trying. What happens next is by necessity filmed from too far away to really see what happens; it's not like there's a cameraman Amazing enough to want to share a narrow boardwalk with four large, athletic men who are all charging down it at top speed. But what it looks like is that with his hands on or near Dan's back, Flight Time goes down again, this time taking Dan with him. Except Dan only falls on the boardwalk, while Flight Time falls off of it and has to haul himself out of the water. "Hold up, Big Easy," he says, and they slow to a walk, giving up the footrace for lost while the brothers run on ahead. "Are you okay?" Big Easy asks Flight Time. "It's all good," Flight Time says.

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