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The other three teams have now wandered into what looks like a residential neighborhood, but the next thing you know, they've found the arrows. A three-way footrace ensues.But will their bumbling have been enough for Gary and Matt? They're still in their cab to the Detour. "It's time to cowboy up," Gary says. "Isn't that how they say it in Montana?" Okay, when did their home state get moved? I am so confused.

Reaching the volleyball courts, the brothers are the meat in a Globetrotters sandwich, with the Americas bringing up the rear. Flight Time figures the locals would be "intimidated" by the "two big tall black good-looking guys, athletic coming up." Sam, meanwhile appreciates the sight of the "hottie Estonian guys" in their black Speedos. Both teams step shirtless into the mud, and since there are only two slots for volleyball, that leaves the Americas having to do the slingshot task by default. First they have to put on "bog shoes," which are like a smaller version of snowshoes, and then Brian picks up a basket of veggies and leads the way across the mud to where a couple of judges are waiting next to the moose sign and the cabbage table. Oh, the sentences I get to type sometimes.

"It's a lot harder that we thought it was going to be," Dan interviews as we see him and Sam wading out into the mud, the Amazing Editors blurring out both of their crotches. Yes, I can see that being necessary for Dan, with his gray boxer briefs, but Sam's wearing a pair of khaki shorts, so those Estonian hotties must be having quite an effect on him. In their red-and-white striped shorts, Flight Time says he was happy to see the mud. "Both teams are at a disadvantage, "he says. It's not clear whether he means both visiting teams or both teams on each court, or how a disadvantage can be obtained when it applies to both teams.

Brian and Ericka get started loosing veggies at the target, although Ericka's first one bounces off her hand and doesn't get far. This is not a short-range shot, either. They could be here a while. Like, if those veggies are fresh now, they might not be by the time they're done.

Neither the brothers nor the Globetrotters are doing nearly as well as Meghan and Cheyne did at the volleyball, either getting bogged down to the point of immobility or hitting the ball out of bounds on the rare occasions when it does come into reach. Back on the road to get there, Gary says they're hoping to catch up at a Detour. Which is a reasonable thing to hope, since it's the only thing that might save them. Big Easy keeps getting stuck. Flight Time gets impatient with him, but when Big Easy protests, he gives that familiar "Go Big Easy!" cheer. Dan and Sam are getting frustrated, and bickering again. They really have grown (especially in terms of whatever the editors are trying to hide inside Sam's shorts). Big Easy? Stuck again. How's that spiking working out?

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