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The Globetrotters are changing into their familiar red-white-and-blue uniforms in the back of the van, to give them more freedom of movement. "We got our game faces on," Flight Time says. So do the brothers, apparently, although theirs are made of stone.

Gary is talking about keeping going. "Anything can happen... we're not giving up until we hit the mat today." Then they'll give up.

Meghan hits a couple out of the opposing teams' court, but then they score a fourth point when the home team falters. Only one point to go.

The Americas are pulling into the parking lot, just ahead of the van carrying the brothers and the Globetrotters. They all bail out and wander around, looking for the "marked path." "There are no markings anywhere," Sam says, as if to conjure an ironic camera shot of one of those arrow signs. Which works, but doesn't do them any good because they can't see it. Isn't that just always the way?

Meghan and Cheyne are starting to get worn out. "This mud s really tiring," Cheyne says. "We just need one point," Meghan says as she struggles to her feet. Meanwhile, the other three teams are still completely lost. Finally, Meghan and Cheyne get their fifth point, which completes the Detour for them. Cheyne tosses a celebratory handful of mud into the air before they climb out onto the boardwalk (Meghan observing, "This stuff reeks") and they are handed their next clue. Cheyne reads, "Run to the next Pit Stop, the top of Keava Raba Overlook Tower."

Phil claims, "Teams must now trudge even further through the bog," even though the boardwalk leads right to the "tower." From the top of which Phil expansively says, "Rising high above the vast marshlands, it is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race." Rising high?" That rickety old wooden cylinder is shorter than my house. "The last team to check in here may be eliminated," Phil says, which isn't going that far out on a limb given that there have already been two non-elimination legs this season and this shows no sign of being a "you are still racing" leg. Meghan and Cheyne run for it, climb the spiral staircase, and are greeted at the top by Phil and an older, seated Estonian woman. Phil tells them they're team number one and says they "missed out" on the Saunabuss. But not to worry, because, "You guys have won a red cedar sauna." They look confused for a minute, like, "Where in our apartment is that going to go?" But then they remember to look excited and grateful, like a couple of eight-year-olds at Christmas who just opened the sweaters from their grandma. Phil asks if their next goal is getting into the final three, and Cheyne says, "We've competed our whole lives, but this is like the ultimate stage for competition. I think it's perfect for us." Wow. I've been wondering what it's going to take to knock these guys down a couple of notches, but I'm thinking the jinx-magnet remark that Cheyne just made should more than cover it.

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