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Matt and Gary scamper around, and succeed in finding the tower. The bad news is that they're outside the castle grounds, separated from where they need to be by a high stone wall with no entrances. So now they have to run back and find an entrance. The setbacks keep piling on.

Meghan reads from the clue, "If you wish, you, may perform the chosen Detour in your underwear." She makes a face at what a dirty old man the race is becoming this season. Behind them, Brian theorizes that the Detour is at a nudist colony. Ericka says he'll need to get her another pair of underwear, "Because today, all the girl is wearing is a pair of stringy thongs, it's not going to happen." Oh, she's dressed for a soccer game today anyway; she can just take off her pastel-striped Pippi Longstockings and be good to go.

The cab containing the Globetrotters and the brothers is a rather tense ride, with both teams trying to tell the cameras their side.

Gary and Matt think they have to get into the tower, and are running around hopelessly looking for an entrance, totally missing the clue box they just ran past. One suspects at this point that the sauna might have purged more than just sweat.

Finally, after the ads, they spot the clue box, and decide to "slingshot it." At least they have less trouble than the other teams did in finding a taxi, with an extravagantly mellow driver. "We're doing terrible today," Gary says. "We're off our game big time." Good leg for it, too.

Somewhere up ahead, Meghan and Cheyne's driver answers a call on his cell phone. You'll never guess who it is: Gary and Matt's driver! Matt tries to get him to relay the message to the other driver to go slow, which doesn't seem to succeed.. In fact, Meghan and Cheyne's cabbie blows off his friend's request for directions. "I say, 'I don't have time to show you now,'" he tells them, which they love. Soon, the taxi drops them off in a dirt parking lot, where they leave their bags and run on ahead along a path marked with little hand-painted arrow signs. That leads to a boardwalk path over the mud, where a half-dozen or so co-ed teams in black swimsuits are waiting for them. Meghan and Cheyne both change into tiny spandex shorts that I assume they brought with them because you never know, pick a team, and venture into the "court," which is deeper than they expected. And given the noises they make trying to move around in it, it's not so much a court as a "splort." "I don't know if this is mud," Meghan says euphemistically. But they turn out to be mud-volleyball ringers, scoring the first and second points by working together, then scoring a third by the simple expedient of Meghan letting the ball go past her and out of bounds. "This is tough," Meghan claims. They're certainly not making it look that way.

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