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Chile in the Air

Ally's pilot makes their landing, with Leo right behind. There is much whooping, you'll be astounded to know. Kim also lands, calling it "the coolest thing I've ever done in my life, but it was definitely the scariest." Tim, upon landing, says, "Awesome. I mean, I can't even describe it." Well, thanks for saving us all a lot of time, then.

Ashley is a little worried, telling her cab to pull over and drop her off. She doesn't see Ally until she realizes what a long walk it's going to be to get to her. Marie also tells her driver to stop, and Jamal is closing in as well. Marie finds Tim in fourth place, Jamal finds Leo in fifth, and Nicky finds Kim in sixth place. Which puts Ally & Ashley in seventh. Leo also has some good Spanish as he tells their driver that "It's very important that we are first please. Thank you." Is it possible that he's only obnoxious in English?

There are still four other teams behind them, and they're just landing at Iquique Airport and getting cabs. All of them are already thinking about elimination, which is probably going to hit one of these four teams. Unless of course someone in the lead catastrophically misreads a clue or something.

Muelle Prat appears to be near the docks, or at them, where fisherman offload huge sea bass and sea lions laze on the pier like they own the place. Well, they were here first, technically. Nicole and Travis are the first to arrive and read the clue for the second Roadblock of this leg: "Who's got both oars in the water?" And here's Phil, on the docks to tell us, "This Roadblock requires teams to choose a rowboat and search Iquique's Harbor." These look like very large, heavy boats, big enough to carry a platoon of soldiers, which we see even the locals rowing from a standing position around the maze-like harbor. Phil continues, "Rowing these heavy, cumbersome boats among hundreds of ships, they must collect a total of five fish from any of these three fishing boats, [the Scarleth, the Doña Hilda and the San Francisco], each containing a limited number of fish." Then they'll have to row them back ashore to the fishmonger, a stout fellow in red chest-waders, and swap them for their next clue. Travis reads that the teammate who paraglided will have to do this Roadblock, so that means Travis is taking this one. It also means that this is a pretty physically demanding leg for one half of each team, while the other half basically sits in cabs and stands on quays. Anyway, Travis steps into his boat and starts wrestling it out into the crowded harbor. Nicole tells the camera that she's a little nervous, "Because there's a lot of boats out here with a lot of different names." Oh, for a second there I thought she was worried about his safety.

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