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Chile in the Air

Jamal and Ashley and Nicky and Marie are apparently trapped at the top of the cliff now, after having unwisely released their cabs. Worse, they each have two backpacks to deal with now because it's not like their partners could fly with them. Jamal asks one of the other drivers hanging around up there to get on his cell phone to order two taxis -- one for himself and one for Ashley, because of their "alliance" (translation: "Jamal's dick"). But then, as they're walking down the highway to meet them, Ashley gets in one of the arriving cabs and Marie gets in the other. Slick move, Jamal. This is what happens when you try to help out yourself and just one other team. "I don't want Marie to get in there," Jamal says. "She's annoying." That's a greater concern to him than ending up trapped again? Ashley says she feels bad for Jamal, though not enough to do anything about it. And as the cab that is now Marie's rolls past Jamal, he mutters, "Bitch." Wow, classy. He calls it straight-up robbery, but soon both he and Nicky find cabs on the road anyway. I wouldn't have felt sorry for him even if he hadn't.

Travis and his pilot are directly over the beach, and apparently they drop just about straight down from there. Soon they're back on terra firma, Travis pumping his legs so he literally hits the ground running and says, "That was great." He gets disengaged from the gear, just as Nicole is dropped off by her cab at the road that runs along the inland edge of the beach. Except she got dropped off pretty far up the beach from where Travis is, and she's going to have to schlep both their bags to catch up to him. Not the best move, that.

Chester buzzes the rooftop of a high-rise apartment building, close enough to wave at residents on their balconies. Ephraim says it was easy to spot him from the ground, looking as he did like a military jeep parachuting down. "Hey, I'm comfortable with my weight," Chester says. When Chester lands, Ephraim also has a long jog ahead of him. I know the beach isn't that wide, but what are these racers not understanding about a beach having two dimensions?

In the meantime, Rowan's feet plow into the sand and his partner Shane, whose driver is just dropping him off right on the other side of the beach wall, runs right up to him, instantly putting Team Bingo in first place. See, that's not so hard. The clue they receive simply tells them to go to Muelle Prat, whatever that is and search for their next clue. The first people they encounter don't seem to know where that is either. Nicole finally catches up with Travis in second place, and Ephraim meets up with Chester in third. The ER docs get into a cab while Team NFL starts running down the sidewalk, one of them warning the other about a deep, square hole in the pavement without so much as a cone, that could have ended the race for one of them right quick, if not everything else. That must be one of the first unexpected signs you've left the United States: no OSHA.

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