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Chile in the Air

Tim & Marie are the last team from the first flight to find Javier, and after Marie reads the clue and volunteers to take the Roadblock, she and Tim realize this means Tim's paragliding. Leo's already making as much noise as possible while he's getting geared up, as though he wants his guide to cut him loose at two thousand feet. If that's the case, I don't entirely disagree. Rowan, the heavier member of Team Bingo, predicts that he'll drop like a prom dress. "What can I say? Whatever it takes for a million dollars." Dude knows about dresses, too. Kim the baseball wife is talking herself up, saying she can do this, and Ally points down to her landing site miles below and says she can't believe she has to "go on that." "I can't believe I have to go find you," Ashley says unsympathetically. Rowan is the next to take off. "Sally Field the Flying Nun ain't got nothing on me," he says, as Shane asks their driver to take him to the beach. Then Ally is off, with much screaming from both her and Ashley. And also from Leo, who says, "My wife just flew off with another man." The subtly bereft face he makes after saying that is actually a little funny, whether he means it to be or not. Moral: Leo is funnier when he's not talking. Kim is starting to freak a bit, and Nicky tells her to do it for Spidey. That would be her son, and she interviews that she started wondering who would take care of him. Someone who wouldn't have named him "Spidey," probably. Leo is soon in the air, ululating and generally creating a lot of noise pollution. Kim feels like she's going to throw up and doesn't know how she's going to do this, so of course it's time for commercials. Not that I'm complaining.

As usual, she pulls it together after the break. Kim interviews that although her husband is already a great role model for their kid (Spidey), she wants to be one too. So off she goes, with Nicky saying, "See you at the beach" and Kim praying as her feet leave the ground. "Spidey baby, this is for you. I hope you're proud of me." Once underway, she calms down enough to enjoy the beauty of it, at least until her pilot volunteers, "Six hundred meters above sea level." Kim: "What!?" Heh.

Tim (of Tim & Marie, not Tim & Danny, because of how hard it is to find twenty-two people without any of them sharing the same name) takes off next. After the leg, he interviews about how it was nice to have a calm instructor, "telling me what to do in a polite voice. It was peaceful." And the comment earns him an elbow in the ribs from Marie. I wonder if they realize how NFA they are (Not Fooling Anyone).

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