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Chile in the Air

As the lead cabs approach Alto Hospicio, the teams can begin to see colorful parasails flitting over the countryside. Nicole & Travis are the first to reach Javier standing at the peak and receive their clue, which is for a Roadblock. "Who's going to have to follow the leader?" it asks. Phil says, "This Roadblock requires one team member to follow their partner, who will be paragliding from these rugged cliffs atop Alto Hospicio, a training ground for many of the best aero-acrobatic pilots in the world." Notice that the person paragliding is the one not doing the Roadblock, much like the skydiving switcheroo that teams encountered at the start of TAR 20. Phil adds that after the teams have reunited on the beach far below, they'll receive their next clue from the jumpmaster. Nicole takes this Roadblock, which means she's following and Travis is doing the paragliding. Ephraim excitedly volunteers to do the Roadblock, thinking that means he's the one to jump, but he's pretty disappointed when he realizes he got it backwards. Travis is quickly geared up with a helmet and a body-cam, and Nicole says she's going to find him. Next thing we know, he's got an actual paraglider guy strapped to his back and they go running down the cliff for a tandem launch. They soon catch an updraft from the mountain road below, and Travis is quietly having the time of his life. Nicole realizes she needs to find her taxi driver to follow him. "Let's go to the same beach as my husband," she says in subtitled Spanish. He gets the drift, and she rushes him back to the cab. "It is extremely helpful that I've been able to communicate with these gentlemen in Spanish," she tells us in the taxi. Let us know how that works for you in Asia.

Back on the cliff, Ephraim says he would have done it, but he's not mad that Chester is. "I love you, man," Chester says as he sails off over Chile. Not sure whether he's saying it to his partner or the man he's strapped to, who now has Chester's life in his hands. Ephraim now needs to mime to his driver that he wants to find where they land on the beach. "I am paragliding in Chile," Chester says in a more carefree manner of a man who gets found instead of one who does the finding. Soon, both Ephraim and Nicole are back in their taxis, following the gliders down the cliffside road. With the first two teams underway, more teams' taxis are just now showing up, with the racers inside spotting the gliders overhead and knowing exactly what that means. The baseball wives, Nicky & Kim, are a little nervous or at least Kim is. "Javier!" Ally or Ashley sings out to the guy with the clues when they arrive. They run up and get their clue in third place, closely followed by the Afghanimals in fourth, the baseball wives in fifth, and Team Bingo in sixth. Ashley, Jamal (the Afghanimal with more hair), Shane (the skinnier member of Team Bingo), Nicky (the shorter baseball wife) and Ashley (like it matters) take this Roadblock, most of them belatedly realizing that they've just volunteered not to paraglide. This is a bit of a curveball for the baseball wife Kim, who says she knew this was going to happen. Please forgive my use of the term "curveball" just now.

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