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Chile in the Air

Later, the back-of-the-pack teams are hanging around at the departure gate getting to know each other. Adam is telling Hoskote and Naina about how he's currently living out in the woods to build a hostel, and when the snow falls he sees four cars a month. "My princess couldn't live like that," Hoskote says. I don't think Adam was asking, Hoskote. Also, what Hoskote doesn't mention is that with his chunky beard and filthy trucker hat, Adam already looks like most teams probably smell at the end of the race.

Meanwhile, the Afghanimals hug Ally & Ashley as soon as the blondes wander into grabbing range. Tim & Marie are there too, but Leo and Jamal barely notice them because they've got blondes in their crosshairs. The blondes interview that these two teams got a good vibe toward each other, but Leo cannily says that Ally & Ashley might be playing them or playing everyone else. It's not Big Brother, dude.

The Amazing Red Line and Amazing Yellow Line have gone 3D this season, casting shadows over a CGI globe as they arc down from L.A. to Santiago and back up towards Iquique in the north. "When they land," Phil narrates, "They must travel by taxi to Alto Hospicio and search for the Zona de Parapentes for Javier, who will hand them their next clue." Not to give too much away, but this location is on a high hilltop, and the sign reading Zona de Parapentes has a little pictogram of a parachute, and Javier is wearing some kind of jumpsuit. So make of that what you will.

In Iquique, we get some nice B-roll of the coastal city (as if Chile has any other kind) before some B-roll of teams hurrying through the terminal upon landing. "In a race, in a race," chants one of the baseball wives to the slow-moving civilians, while both Afghanimals call out, "My wife is pregnant!" Hilarious. I don't know whether I'm more upset by their obvious lie or the prospect of them reproducing. Nicole & Travis seem to be the first to find a taxi, probably thanks in part to what seems to be Nicole's fluent Spanish. Rowan & Shane are in the cab behind them, saying, "We're hoping that the last plane hasn't even taken off yet." From L.A.?

Actually, the last four teams are still at the Santiago airport, which Jason calls "very discouraging." Apparently their lag has stretched to three hours (which may or may not be a rounding issue, I don't know), and Tim & Danny say it would hurt to be the first ones gone. Which it usually is. But historically, that's often what the small town teams often end up doing. For every Mark & Bopper, there are several teams nobody even remembers because they lasted one episode.

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