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Hoskote & Naina show up at the second Roadblock in last place, and Adam bellows out across the water for Brandon to put in some muscle. "LAST TEAM JUST SHOWED UP!" That's quite a set of lungs on that one. Brandon nearly crashes into the Doña Hilda, only to be told there are no fish on board. "Well, that sucks," Brandon says as he bends once again to the oars. "Come on, B!" Adam hollers, and Brandon yells back that he doesn't know where to go. "I just don't know what I'm doing." Well, we have to make the battle for elimination look like a close one somehow.

After the ads, Adam is still bellowing across the water, as Brandon keeps it positive. "I know even if I mess up he's gonna be proud of me. We've been best friends for over 22 years. This isn't gonna stop it." Unfortunately, we don't cut to Adam on the shore saying, "If he shits the bed on this I'm going to disappear that motherfucker like goddamn Pinochet."

Naina does what I'm going to call "pulling an Afghanimals" and misunderstands the clue, so she thinks she has to do this Roadblock even though she did the last one. So that's three teams out of eleven who have biffed a written clue in the first leg. There's always a learning curve, I suppose. Meanwhile, Jason and Amy are checked in as team number eight, so they're in the front of the back of the pack. Something tells me they won't be back there for long. Back at the harbor, Okie Tim is now back in sight of the shore and he tells Brandon how to find the San Francisco: "That way." So Brandon starts rowing that way. Danny gets his fish unloaded, so he and Tim are leaving the Roadblock in ninth place. Naina's now in the boat, with the ends of the paddles high over her head as she topples backward off her seat, in an escalating comedy of errors that isn't actually funny. Brandon finds the San Francisco and gets five fish while Naina is still trying to get her boat moving, so this ending is clearly not going to be a nail-biter, as Tim & Danny make it to the mat in ninth place.

Still two teams to go and it's looking very bad for one of them. Brandon delivers his fish to the fishmonger to be monged, so he and Adam have their clue in tenth place. That means Naina is out there alone, struggling with the oars and not even supposed to be there. Hoskote tells us, "I probably could have done a better job than she is." Nice of him to say so. She pauses in this exercise in futility, ostensibly to check the clue to confirm the names of the boats, but more likely in hopes that the tide will get her somewhere faster than the oars are. "You're not rowing, girl!" Hoskote hollers out helpfully, and as she peruses the clue, we can see the exact moment when Naina realizes her mistake. "Oh, whoops. He should have done it. Got to go back." The moment when she realizes she's going to end up marrying whoever the fuck her dad tells her to is harder to pinpoint, but it can't be far off. Hoskote calls out to her to keep going, and she calls back, Daddy, you've have to do it! I read it wrong." Hoskote sighs, "I thought we could make it!" and stands up purposefully to finish the task anyway. Because what else is he going to do? Besides review his mental list of pros and cons for his friend's son the attorney and his other friend's son the banker, that is.

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