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Chile in the Air

Tim from Oklahoma goes pelting down to the cliff with his pilot's feet entirely off the ground. Danny talks in the cab downhill about how jealous he is, and Tim suavely swings his body-cam around, showing off his view for the folks at home. "We're not in Oklahoma no more," he says in a post-leg interview. Exactly, so quit with the double negatives.

P>Finally Brandon gets to launch, and manages it on his second try. Adam rides their cab down the hill, saying they're in last place. "I’m disappointed but, you know, this is Brandon's dream, so I'm glad he got to do it." Hey, it's not over yet, Duck Dynasty.

Chester & Ephraim make it to the mat as team number four, with Nicky & Kim right behind them as team number five. You know, as long as Phil has a couple of NFL guys here, could he maybe talk to them about finishing Sunday games on time so my DVR doesn't end up filled with great chunks of The Good Wife episodes at the end of the year?

Leo is hollering in Spanish all the way on his approach to the Scarleth that he needs five fish, but the boatman tells him there are only two left. So with both the Scarleth and the Doña Hilda tapped out, this means he (and the rest of the teams to follow) are going to have to find the San Francisco, which I don't believe anyone has actually accomplished yet. Leo gets the two fish available to him and when the boatman tells him no more he asks, "For God's sake, why not!" and says he has to go somewhere else now. And there goes my theory about him only being obnoxious in English.

Jason is the next paragliding racer to land on the beach, so he and Amy get their clue sending them to Muelle Prat in eighth place. Hoskote is all "Oh my God, this is faaaaanttastic," right up until he hits the ground. Oddly, Naina is still riding down in their taxi, so the Roadblock is not technically over for them yet. Tim lands, and he and Danny meet and get themselves into ninth place while Hoskote is still waiting for his daughter to show up. So when Brandon lands, he and Adam are officially in tenth place and Hoskote is still waiting, griping, "What the hell is she doing?" Oh, I'm sure she just stopped for a manicure or something. What do you think she's doing, Robert Young?

Leo finds the San Francisco and collects the remainder of his required fish. "I'm a professional!" he hollers as he starts rowing back. In the immortal words of Cameron Frye, professional what?

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