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Chile in the Air

Brandon and his paragliding pilot have to abort their launch, skidding to a stop on the steep downward grade of the cliff. Brandon apparently thought he was supposed to make a flying leap instead of keep running, so they didn't get enough altitude or wind or whatever before his feet hit the ground and brought the whole unwieldy rig to a halt. Good thing this isn't a real cliff or they'd both be dead. As it is, they'll have to start over. Brandon says they might not look serious, with their beards and their hair, "but we want this bad." You know, even if they don't win, there's always Dollar Shave Club.

"Doctors, you can come on over," Phil calls as a fake clock chime is edited in at 12:34. They are now officially team number two. Travis interviews that as emergency physicians, "We're really usually careful about paying attention to details." God, I sure hope so.

Leo finally manages to communicate to Jamal that he needs to come back because Leo needs to do this. Rowan is already done, and as he and Shane leave in third place, Shane says Rowan smells like fish. "I know. Well, a good Catholic," Rowan cracks. Chester reaches the Doña Hilda and gets four fish, but that's all she has left on board so Chester has to go find one of the other two boats to find his last one. Fortunately he finds the Scarleth pretty quickly, probably helped by the fact that Kim has just rowed up to it. She gets her five fish and starts struggling her way back, saying she's not going to give up. Chester gets his last fish from the Scarleth. Ally is still searching the harbor, calling out to the Scarleth like they're playing hide and seek, but at least she's the only one rowing her boat form a standing position like the locals do. She spots the Scarleth, but is disheartened by how far she has to row to it. That's becoming an early theme with this team.

Rowan and Shane are team number three, and even they can't believe it. "Bingooooo!" Shane howls. Okay, I still like Rowan.

Leo hurries Jamal out of the boat and Jamal whines, "We let girls beat us." Yeah, that happens to everyone sometimes. Especially if you're a bigger idiot than the girls in question are. Then Leo falls in the boat and bangs his head, making me feel better all over again. Meanwhile, Ally rows up to the Scarleth and gets her five fish. As girls do.

Back at the cliff, Jason kisses Amy goodbye and lifts majestically off into the Chilean sky. "Heeeeey, Chilaaaaay!" he calls. The amazing thing about this is that Chile's so narrow he can see its entire width from this altitude. Hoskote and his pilot are a little slow taking off but they manage it. In the taxi back to the beach, Naina says she's glad they're not out of it yet. "We deserve to be in it still." Well, very few teams have ever been eliminated before the end of the first leg, so hang in there.

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