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Chile in the Air

More teams show up at the second Roadblock, so just as they paraglided, Tim, Chester, Kim and Ashley are doing this Roadblock for their teams. Travis is already finished, and he and Nicole have their last clue of this leg. It's sending them on foot to what the subtitles call Teatro Municipal de Iquique and Phil calls "The Municipal Theater of Iquique, a national monument and now the Pit Stop for this leg of the race." How exciting for it. It's a beautiful building with classical architecture and fountains out front flanking the final approach to Phil. Who reminds us that the first team to arrive will win an Express Pass for themselves and a second Express Pass for another team, which they will have to hand over by the end of the fifth leg. But what happens if the team with the Express Passes gets eliminated before handing off the second one? I hope that happens, if only so I can find out. Phil's got one more thing to say: "And the last team to check in here will be eliminated." That's more like it.

Except Nicole & Travis have failed to notice the "on foot" part of the Pit Stop clue, and they ignorantly get back in their taxi. "Those guys aren't even close," Nicole says. They will be.

Jamal is calling this Roadblock his worst nightmare as he struggles with his giant paddles, whose tiny little oarlocks keep lifting out of their sockets on the gunwales. Whoever designed the traditional Chilean rowboats clearly didn't spend much time in traditional Chilean usability testing. The good news is that Jamal's doing this for nothing, so that cheers me right up. Meanwhile, as big as these boats are, they're not too big for Chester to nearly tip his over as he leaps in. They do look pretty big to be rowed by the likes of Kim and Ally, who are not large women. Remember when the race seemed to be going out of its way for a while to have an all-female team win? Fuck that now, I suppose.

Travis & Nicole are all excited to find Phil and run to the mat. "Hello, welcome to Iquique, Chile," the female greeter tells them. Phil says, "Nicole & Travis, you are the first team to arrive." Nicole tells Travis, "Wait, wait, wait," because she knows from Phil's tone that more is coming. And here it is: "However, your clue states that you must make your way on foot. You took a taxi cab here." Travis looks pretty defeated, and Nicole tells him that it's okay. "What's the number one rule on The Amazing Race?" Phil quizzes. "Read the clue," Travis sighs. But they don't have to go back and hoof it; instead, Phil hits them with a thirty-minute penalty, which they'll have to wait out before they can check in. Pretty sure they're still not in much danger of elimination, though. Or even coming in further back than seventh. As they go over to sit down Phil pointed out to them at the edge of a fountain, Nicole says, "This'll be the longest thirty minutes, probably of our lives." So they work at the world's quietest emergency room, then?

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