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Chile in the Air

Brandon and Adam hug in their taxi, and become the first team from the second flight to arrive at Alto Hospicia. They're hoping one of them gets to paraglide. Adam thinks it's going to be him, so he's rather let down when he realizes that doing the Roadblock means to "find your partner." Jason and Amy show up in ninth place, and she says she'll take it. Naina hugs Javier like they're old friends -- which, to be fair, Javier must have been at the forefront of everyone's minds since they first heard his voice the day before -- as she and her dad arrive in tenth place, and she offers to take the Roadblock. "Of course we're the last ones here," says Tim or Danny when they arrive in last place. Partners are telling the paragliders to have fun, and Naina says that while she wanted to do it, but her dad deserves it because he's allowed her to a lot of things and he probably won't ever get the chance to do something like this again. Naina doesn't know the half of it.

Out in the harbor, Travis is using both hands to manhandle one of his giant oars in search of one of the three fishing boats. On the shore, Nicole is the latest racer to be talking about how great the Express Pass is, like it's ever done much for a team with four properly functioning legs, and as if nobody has ever been eliminated with an unused Express Pass in their pocket (John). Leo & Jamal read the second Roadblock clue in second place, and Jamal thinks that he's the one who has to do this, even though the clue clearly states that the partner who paraglided has to. He goes down to the dock and teases the sea lions on his way to the boat. I won't miss him if this ends up costing him the race. Or if the sea lions eat him. Whichever.

Team Bingo arrives at the Prat in third place, having lost their lead in transit, and Rowan knows this one is for him. Nicole calls out to Travis to keep going, and he sees the Doña Hilda finally. He calls up, "cinco pescado!" or "five fish!" A boatman starts duly tossing them into the belly of his boat. Travis looks like he appreciates the break from rowing.

Jamal, meanwhile, is falling all over inside his boat, while Rowan quips, "My names not Rowan for nothing." Aw, I wish he and Shane were going to last longer. Travis now has five fish in his boat, and just has to row them back. Nicole calls out encouragement, and he growls and rows his way back to the dock and then starts hanging the fish on hooks. This last part is made easier by the fact that the fish appear to be dead. Live ones generally don't like it when you do that.

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