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The clowns seem to be getting the hang of the nutbunch-tossing, as they are now able to make them land up on top of the truck substantially more often. Team Who experiences many of the same early difficulties that Al and Jon did, and they're just getting started as the clowns load up their last two bunches. The clowns' truck drives off, freeing the clue from under its tire. The clue tells them that using their map, they have to drive themselves to Gomantong Caves. This is a 35-mile drive. The clowns high-five the Whos as they run to their car. Both teams are clearly happy and impressed that nobody else is with them. They probably can figure out that one team might have gone for the FF, but they know they've still given two teams the shake, which is pretty good.

David seems to have figured out a way to throw the bunches so that they travel fairly well, and once he demonstrates it to Jeff, it works pretty well for them. David interviews that they were happy to do the Detour correctly: "I'm actually pretty proud of us," he says, "because normally, we do something like...get 'em all in the wheelbarrow, wheel 'em all up to one of the trucks...and then throw all twenty-five into the wrong numbered truck." They laugh. Heh heh. The truth is funny, especially when it's really, really excruciating. "That was good execution on that Detour," Jeff adds mildly in the interview. Back at Nutbunch City, they finish up with the last couple of bunches and get their clue. They go.

In the Kelly and Jon car, Kelly explains that if they get to the orangutans and the FF is gone, they'll have to go back and start over at the plantation, so "there would be no way to catch up." Has she not learned the lesson of Momily? At any rate, Jon is opining about the use of the Fast Forward, explaining that it makes sense for them to use it, and it would make no sense for anyone else to use it. Which is true. It's goofy, because he's entirely right in theory -- and only the fluke of the Chipsters going off-course makes him wrong in fact. Speaking of which, here go the Chipsters, entering the sanctuary. The clue tells them that they'll have to hike about twenty minutes into the jungle and each feed two pieces of fruit to the orangutans in order to complete the task. They jump out of the car and they each grab a basket of fruit -- which can be worn like a backpack, interestingly. Along the walk, they manage to notice the trees and the beauty of the walk, much to their credit.

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