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To sleep, perchance to scream

Elsewhere, a "hopelessly lost" Millie and Chuck continue looking for someone who can give them directions. It's not going well.

BuffJon cuts down another nutbunch. This time, it's got a clue in it. "Oh, oh -- oh!" she says excitedly. Hey, did you hear that excitement? She may be set for a week! She reads the clue that sends them to the caves. They hop in the car and go. I kind of admire the chipper attitude they're displaying here, considering just how far behind they have every reason to believe they are.

In the Millie and Chuck car, he's saying that it "should be real soon" that they see the entrance to the caves. A miserable Millie stares ahead as Chuck notes that, in fact, they are back almost exactly where they left the plantation -- they basically took the exactly wrong turn at precisely the beginning, and have been going the wrong way ever since. "It's in the same freakin' place," Chuck notes. "So it's not outta here. Oh, man." I think he's referring to Millie's original instruction to go all the way back out to the main road, which apparently wasn't right. "Yeah, I know," she says, barely able to support her head in her hand anymore. "That was...stupid of me." Well, it was exhausted of you, actually. She voices over miserably that she's no good at reading maps. "We suck," she says unhappily, resting her forehead against the back of the seat in front of her. He voices over that they blew about an hour going to the wrong direction. "I'm sorry I took us the wrong way," she says to him from the back, half-crying. Aw.

Commercials. Living out of your car is luxurious. No, really. We swear.

Back in the Millie and Chuck car, she continues to flog herself. "I'm sorry," she says again. "No, no, no, no," he insists. "Come on, now, you did good. We've both done good, and we've done's fine." That was pretty well-handled, actually, because in the short term, it really was her fault -- actually, more for refusing to get any sleep than for not being able to read the map -- but in the long term, he's smart to realize that you sink or swim as a pair, so...I liked that he said that. "I really cost us a lot of time," she voices over as they pull into the cave entrance. "We knew we were in the back of the pack."

Also heading for the caves are Jon and Kelly. Oh, boy. Heh heh.

"We are so messed up today," Millie laments as they reach the cave parking lot. They hop out of the car. Suddenly, Millie's demeanor changes. "Somebody's here behind us -- Chuck, Chuck, Chuck!" Indeed, pulling into the lot just behind Millie and Chuck are their mortal enemies, Kelly and BuffJon. Kelly is as surprised to see them as they are to see her. "You can catch up -- that's Millie and Chuck!" she says to Jon in disbelief. Millie IDs Jon and Kelly pulling in, and now you know that things are about to roll, because these people just plain do not like each other. Jon and Kelly hop out of their car. Jon voices over, "That's when the adrenaline meter went from, like, a negative four to, like, a plus twenty." Yeah, no foolin'. "It was on then," he says. Both teams run to the cave entrance, arriving at the clue at almost the same moment. Jon says he'll take it for his team, and after briefly making like she might be willing to do it, Millie assigns this Roadblock to Chuck as well. BuffJon wants Kelly to finish reading the clue while running to the Roadblock, but I think she knows they're supposed to stay and finish it, so she spits it out as quickly as she can.

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