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To sleep, perchance to scream

Millie and Chuck are lost in search of the caves. Chuck notes that they're driving over water, and he needs Millie to look at the map and see if she can figure out where they are. If you look at Millie right now, it's like you can see little sections of the map knocking on the side of her head, attempting to penetrate, but she needs sleep so badly that nothing can get in. "We need to stop on the other side of this, Chuck," Millie says miserably. They stop and ask directions.

Kelly and Jon, meanwhile, are endeavoring to finish the leg, and are just now heading for the Detour. When they read the clue, Jon thinks he can do the Chop quickly, but Kelly pushes for the Haul for some reason, and he goes along. He thinks it's going to take forever, but she indicates the truck and thinks it won't be bad. There are actually several trucks lined up along the road -- a fact that's about to become crucial.

Back at the Roadblock, David lies across the ladder and hauls up the clue basket from underneath. He climbs back down, and they read the pit stop clue. They run out and jump into their car.

Kelly and BuffJon are about to start loading the nutbunches into the truck when they notice the part of the clue that says that they have to put them into the corresponding truck. Jon knows that their wheelbarrow says "5" on it. They look at the side of the truck, and Kelly comments that the side of the truck says "C." She does not mention -- or, apparently, notice -- that the side of the truck also has a big giant "5" on it. I think I get how this happened -- the "C" looks like an official label, whereas the "5" looks like graffiti, and I think that just as you can get to the point where you don't even see banner ads (not that this happens here at TWoP, of course), you can get to the point where you don't even notice stuff that looks like graffiti. Still, pretty remarkable, considering that the "5" is both large and legible. In an interview, Jon acknowledges that he's "sure it was very clearly written" which truck they were supposed to use (a point at which Kelly chuckles ruefully), but they couldn't make heads or tails of it, so they gave up. The camera guy gives you one more big fat shot of the giant "5" on the side of the truck, just in case you missed it. As they continue looking at various trucks, Kelly says, " are we so stupid?" Hee. In an interview, Kelly says that their problem is that they get all wound up and don't think. Yeah. There's a lot of that going around, actually. "Like, we have to read our clue five times before it actually sinks in," she says. Having become completely confused by the "corresponding truck" issue, they decide to Bald-Snark the Detour for the second week in a row by switching tasks and trying the Chop. BuffJon does a pretty good job with the blade, but the first bunch he cuts down comes up empty and clueless. Appropriately enough.

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