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Meanwhile, Team Who arrives at the caves. "There's no box there or anything, is there?" David asks Jeff warily as they drive by the entrance. Heh. No, no, not yet, boys.

Inside, ClownJon makes it out onto the horizontal ladder section. He slides out on his belly until he can reach down and haul up a basket dangling under the ladder on a short rope. He pulls it up and extracts the clue. As he heads back down, he pauses to give a hearty "yee-hee!" and pump his fist in excitement. As they open the clue, ClownJon mutters, "Come on, pit stop." Heh. No kidding. They have had quite a day. Indeed, the clue directs them to the Sepilok Nature Resort, where the pit stop is. Phil explains that the nature resort -- "nestled within the lush forests of northern Borneo" -- is the pit stop. He does not say, "The last team to check in here will be eliminated." But of course, we have been so monstrously fooled with in the past that we no longer know what to believe. The clowns high-five and head out to their car. As they're leaving, they run past David and Jeff on their way in. The guys exchange a greeting, and the clowns provide reassurance that the boys are indeed heading in the right direction.

Elsewhere, here come the Chipsters, toward the pit stop. "Let's make every second count," Chip says dramatically as they run toward the mat. Biggest lead possible, I guess, is the theory. They step up onto the mat. Welcome, Chipsters, you are team number one. They win a vacation to what Phil calls "festive Latin America." I think that prize is void for vagueness, there, Phil. It's like seeing an ad for an apartment described as "cute 1BR" and suspecting you could live there for five years without needing to fully unfurl the cord on the vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless, the Chipsters are extremely happy.

At the caves, David takes the Roadblock for Who. "Holy crap! This is awesome!" he says as he runs into the cave. When they arrive at the ladder, both of them seem to eye it with a certain amount of awe. David voices over that the ladder was "a little bit shaky," and was certainly not your garden-variety hardware store ladder. When he gets to the point where he's opposite the hanging basket, he stops and puzzles over the situation. "How the hell do you get to the clue?" he says. "You gotta climb out, bro," Jeff says, eschewing "dude" in this time of crisis. "Oh, over there," David says, suddenly understanding. He scampers out onto the other part of the ladder.

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