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To sleep, perchance to scream

In the car, Kelly's dejection continues. "You're always right, I'm always wrong," she says. "We're done." BuffJon, barely holding it together up until now, loses his grip a little. "Kelly...go fuck yourself," he says. There is a pause. "What did you just say to me?" she asks. "What did you just say to me?" She gets no answer. "I'll tell you what, Jon, you're walkin' a thin line; this was a chance we decided to take, but you will not talk to me like that," she says, tossing the map into the front seat. See, that didn't even bother me that much. I mean, I could tell you that you should never, ever say "go fuck yourself" to someone you're close to in anger, but I would also have to tell you that I have a pretty keen recollection of having told one of my best friends pretty much exactly that same thing. At a wedding reception, even. And yes, I was seriously mad; it was not joking. Along those lines, interestingly, David telling Jeff earlier that he should "fuck off" didn't create nearly the stir that this did. It strikes me that there are couples who talk to each other angrily in salty language and get over it, just as there are friends like David and Jeff who do. I don't get a vibe of it being abusive in this situation in the slightest, because she has absolutely no hesitation in telling him where the line is, and he clearly knows she's serious. They give me a vibe that they bicker in a certain way, and that when it goes too far, they draw lines before anybody gets hurt, and then they're fine. Furthermore, unlike people I've complained about in the past who seem to be unpleasant all the time, they seem to be enjoying themselves much of the rest of the time and seem capable of having a good time together.

Commercials. If my sister and I had had access to a full complement of audiovisual equipment when my family traveled all over the western United States, I have to wonder whether we would have taken the initiative to create the first mix tape of my entire life, which was made in 1981 by using a plain old tape recorder that we just turned on while we played the radio, meaning that you could hear us laughing occasionally during the songs. We played it on that same crummy tape recorder, resting it on the seat between us, for a good six weeks. I think we taped most of it during the Dick Clark National Music Survey, which we used to listen to on Sunday nights. I remember that among other classics, the tape had "The Waiting," "Jesse's Girl," the John Cougar non-classic "Shakedown," and "Morning Train," by Sheena Easton. Oh, and that horrible disco Beatles cover medley, if you remember that one. My point is this: Do not outfit your vehicle with insane quantities of stuff to keep your kids from having to entertain themselves, or they will miss some of the truly formative experiences of youth, like "Morning Train."

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