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Millie's ever-lovin' mind continues to be gradually lost, but as it happens, she and Chuck manage to find their way to the Detour anyway. Her inclination is to do the Haul, while his is to do the Chop, so obviously they go to the Haul. She voices over that she wanted to do the Haul because she couldn't help with the chopping, but she thought she might be able to help with the wheelbarrow. I feel her pain, but it's weird to see her basically acknowledging that she couldn't really do much of anything, and it was going to be on Chuck either way to do all the work, with her doing the best she could to "help." As soon as he takes one shot at throwing a bunch up onto the truck, however, Chuck reports that there's no way he can do twenty-five of those, so they Bald-Snark the Detour and head to the Chop. As he tries the chopping, though, he discovers that it's fairly tough also. Millie voices over that her attitude in times of stress makes Chuck feel anxious and worried, which makes you wonder why she keeps doing it, but...there you go. They execute the extremely rare Double-Bald-Snark by bailing on the chopping and heading back to the Haul. You can, I'm sure, supply your own blunt metaphor about indecision, twelve years of dating, and either moving your damn nuts or just chopping them off already.

The Chipsters are having a substantially better day, and are just now arriving at orangutan central casting. There's essentially a platform surrounded by some ropes and other monkey toys, and when they arrive, what Chip describes as a mother and her baby are hanging out getting some quality time in. He says the two were very interested in their sudden appearance. Reichen crouches and hands a fruit to one of the orangutans, gently saying, "Take this. Take it." As the orangutan arpeggios of love waggle in the background, Reichen explains that the first two were very shy, but then another guy showed up who came tromping right over to them on the theory that fruit is more important than social proprieties. It turns out that the other two were willing to come over once they had an opportunity to observe an interaction without having to participate in it directly. You know, I'm just like that at parties. Chip kind of leans over to go forehead-to-forehead with the orangutan, probably just because -- hey, when are you going to get your next chance? The boys are in no hurry as they take a moment to enjoy communing with the locals. "Look at his hands," Reichen says in amazement as an orangutan clamps onto his arm. "His hands feel like my hands." As they finally finish feeding the orangutans and get up to leave, Reichen says, "Thank you." Hee. That was awesome. The Chipsters get their clue, which congratulates them for winning the Fast Forward and sends them onward to the pit stop, which is at the (presumably nearby) Sepilok Nature Resort. As they walk out of the jungle, Reichen quick-interviews that he's sad they didn't have more time to spend, because if they weren't racing, he'd have stayed there and played for a week. Aww. Chipsters in monkey love.

In case you're curious, current estimates are that two-thirds of the world's orangutans are located on Borneo, that the worldwide orangutan population may have dropped by as much as one-half in the last ten years alone, and that David Hasselhoff is on the honorary board of directors of Orangutan Foundation, International. Just thought that last one was interesting. Anyway, they're all kinds of endangered, so if you think those guys were cute, hop on over and give one of them a hand.

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