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Curse You, Red Baron!

Joe and Heidi get started on decoding their message. "Vive...La...Liberty," we see Heidi transcribing while Joe holds the codebook. "Hopefully that's it." The two brother teams are getting their message from the guy in the machine gun nest. Joe and Heidi present their version of the message to the birdman, and he shakes his head at them. They head back for another try.

Jordan and Jeff are lost, so they flag someone down to ask for directions. "We were just there!" Jordan protests as Jeff returns to the car, telling her to drive back the way they came. Jeff tells her to relax; they'll catch up, but not with that attitude. I'd say not, Jeff, with that partner.

The two brother teams are trying to stay alive. "It was pretty real for a Detour," Cord interviews, impressed. Brandy is taking every barbed-wire snag as a personal affront, saying, "Seriously, I'm so pissed off about this right now." She interviews bitterly, "I don't have to prove myself physically, nor do I want to." Carol gets their message, and before they head back, Brandy complains, "Not what I signed up for." Oh for fuck's sake, go home then. On this show you sign up for whatever gets thrown at you.

Brent and Caite are heading across the course now, and Caite's having a great time. I certainly can't ever fault her for her attitude towards the tasks. In that sense, she is the opposite of Brandy, who reminds Carol, "If it isn't abundantly apparent, I'm pissed as hell that I'm running around in the middle of a muddy field!" Why would she think that wasn't abundantly apparent? I'd even go so far as to call it cornucopically apparent. "Smart people do Morse code. Dumb people do this!" As if to prove her point, she sees Miss Team USA coming their way. "More stupid people!" Brandy says in a post-leg interview, so she can't even blame her bad grace on the heat of the moment and the hell of war or what not. Caite in turn interviews that she doesn't like "Those mean lesbians." Well, first, that's kind of a loaded phrase, and secondly, I'm not convinced Carol is mean. Brandy, on the other hand, seems to have forgotten her plan to remember that Carol is not her enemy, even when other enemies are pretending to shoot at her.

Joe and Heidi are still doing the Morse code when Dan and Jordan watch their pigeon fly off, putting then in third place. "I don't know if he had to fly in my face," he-Jordan complains. Joe says they were frustrated watching other teams leave, but "It gave me a drive." Carol and Brandy read their clue aloud in perfect harmony, which is not a phrase I normally associate with them.

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