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Curse You, Red Baron!

Brent and Caite ride back to the Pit Stop, and are told they're officially team number six. In other words, they went all the way back up the course and back, two whole clue boxes, and never got passed. "Oh, that's awesome!" Caite chirps. Again with the positive attitude. It would be easier to dislike her if she were more of a sourpuss.

Joe and Heidi sit in the tranches and snuggle. I guess they've given up on the task and are now just waiting for the end, enjoying the ambience and all. "Why did they U-Turn us?" Heidi wonders. "I can't believe it," Joe says. "It's Morse code that takes us down." Guys, decode this message: --. --- --- -.. -... -.-- .

Now on the bicycle leg, Jeff urges Jordan to "finish strong." They look pretty sweaty when they reach the Pit Stop. The mayor welcomes them, and Jeff says, "Merci. Mercy. That sums it up." Get Jeff, with the polyglot puns! Phil says mercy is theirs; they're team number seven, and still in the race. Jeff says he knows it was tough for Jordan. In a solo interview, he says he can be overbearing and competitive, but he's willing to meet Jordan halfway, and hopes Jordan can do the same. Jordan in turn solo-interviews that they're both hard-headed, and the race is tense. "You are gonna bicker and argue and I gotta learn that it doesn't get you anywhere." Because she's all about learning. On the mat, Jeff insists on a mustache kiss.

Battle's over. The planes fly home. The sun disappears below the horizon. The soldiers vanish. The birdman leads Phil through the trenches to where Joe and Heidi are waiting for him, and apparently have been for hours. Holding each other, they listen as Phil tells them they've been Philiminated. He informs them, as if they can do anything about it now, "The code that you guys were looking for was 'We will prevail. Vive la France.'" Not even close. Heidi says they wouldn't have gotten it, which I don't doubt at all. Phil asks if they know who U-Turned them. Phil, it's supposed to be anonymous! Of course they know it's Michael and Louie, and while Joe's not happy about it, "That's part of the game, that's part of the competition." "It's been a tough day," Heidi says. Joe interviews that his wife led and pushed him along. "I had to depend on her for everything. I'm very, very proud of her." Heidi says that elimination isn't so bad, knowing she still has Joe in her life. Joe says they didn't think it would end this soon. "We had a great time regardless," Heidi adds. Even during the bombing?

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