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Curse You, Red Baron!

Caite and Brent reach the starting line, still insisting they went south according to the compass. I would have more sympathy for their position if Michael and Louie hadn't also followed a compass and ended up in the right place.

Joe and Heidi try "Vive la France" and get nowhere. Jeff and Jordan are just about to start the "Under Fire" Detour. Seeing this, Joe is motivated to give it another try, now that they know they have some time. What else were they going to do? Sit in the trenches and snuggle?

Caite and Brent reach the U-Turn, and are happy to see they are not on the receiving end of it. Which would have been a total waste of a U-Turn anyway.

Jeff tries to coach Jordan on her crawling technique. "This sucks!" she says, just trying to keep her helmet on. Joe and Heidi are so desperate they're trying numbers and transposing dashes and dots at this point. Jordan is falling behind. Jeff solo-interviews, "I have a one-in-eight chance of winning a million dollars. You pick anyone off the street and give them those odds, they might have a little more hop in their step than Jordan does." Well, sure, she's already won half a million dollars on this network once. Back on the field, he orders, "Put your boobs on the ground and drag 'em over here!" That's a t-shirt, right there. Joe and Heidi are still struggling, and Heidi interviews, "We're not stupid people." Which must be true, since she felt the need to say so. Jordan and Jeff reach the end of the course, and now that soldier in the machine gun nest is looking bored rather than haunted. They get their clue, and look pretty discouraged upon realizing that they have to go back the way they came. Jeff sends Jordan ahead this time, and she goes dragging her gun instead of holding it in front of her like Jeff advises. When they finally get back to the birdman, with Joe and Heidi coming out for yet another try behind them, Jeff wittily asks the birdman, "Is the war over because of this message, or because it took us so long to get here?" Their pigeon takes off. No such luck for Joe and Heidi, whose guess of "The war is over" proves wrong. "It's probably very simple and we just can't get it," Heidi says ruefully. "So unfortunately, we're going nowhere." The race seems over for them as Jeff and Jordan open their clue, now in seventh place, and seemingly about to be saved by a lucky break for the second leg in a row. Jeff reaches the U-Turn sign first. "Someone U-Turned Joe and Heidi," Jeff says. "Oh, that's why they were over there." If he follows that line of thinking to its conclusion and realizes that's also why he and Jordan even got to see another team this leg, we don't get to hear it. Joe tells Heidi it might be non-elimination. Not likely, two weeks in a row. Jeff tells Jordan they're still in it.

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