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Curse You, Red Baron!

Joe and Heidi are still struggling with the Morse code task as Brent and Caite open their clue in sixth place. "Head south down the road to receive your next clue," they read. An ominous music cue accompanies a shot of that directional signpost, as Brent says, "South on the road, right?" After walking for a bit with her shadow behind her -- which tells me right there she's facing west -- Caite tells Brent to figure out which way is south. "That's north," Brent says, consulting his watch compass. "This is south," he adds, turning ninety degrees. Not a good sign. As they trudge off, he says, "I wonder if they meant just south, like, as in a direction or just south as in, just go that direction." What would the difference be? And why couldn't it be south, the direction to go in, or even possibly the direction of south for to be of the taking? There are so many possible interpretations here.

Jet and Cord check in as Team number three, and are happy to have moved up a slot. I'm happy to have not heard the Heroic Cowboy Theme for an entire episode.

As they ride along, he-Jordan is explaining to Dan that every minute they're late to check in is another minute at the "pit start." Dan tells him to shut up all the way to the finish line. They are team number four. "Our pattern continues," Dan says, whatever that means.

Jordan and Jeff reach the battlefield parking lot, Jeff painfully aware that "If we don't pass somebody, we're out of this race." He says they have to do the Speed Bump first, and gives a little "Aw," at the cute picture of them on the Speed Bump sign. Way to find the bright side.

Phil's back in the trenches to explain about Team BB11's Speed Bump, which they have to do as a result of "having been spared elimination." Phil tells us a little about the importance of trenches during World War I, and how Jordan and Jeff are now required to reinforce a section of the trench wall using some long, stripped branches that will be supplied to them. When they've done it to the Army engineer's satisfaction, they get to continue the race. And let's just be glad it's not real soldiers whose lives depend on the handiwork of these two.

The two of them are changed into their costumes and gear and outside, and Jeff snaps at her, "Tie your shoe. Come on, Jordan." She bends down to do that while he holds both their rifles. Just like an impatient dad with a dilatory toddler, only with more rifles.

Carol and Brandy are laughing about something as they arrive on the mat. I guess it's the moustaches, although I would have expected their sense of humor to be more advanced than that. Phil tells them they're team number five, and they hug wearily.

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