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"This is Guangzhou," Phil says, "China's first port city used for foreign trade." Yes, this is the third week in a row we've seen it, Phil. After some traffic footage that would be pretty terrifying even if it weren't sped up, Phil is coming to us from last week's Pit Stop, the park at Shamian Island. Brendon & Rachel won the previous leg (boo), so they will be starting this one off at 6:22 PM. How many of those "Brenchel's Back" t-shirts did they pack, anyway? Because that seems to be all they're wearing. The clue is telling them to fly to Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, which Phil calls "the land below the wind." He also pronounces its actual name a lot better than Rachel did. After landing in Kota Kinabalu, they will have to trek through the rainforest to Kionsom Waterfall. Don't worry, there are roads. Rachel also reads from the clue that only two flights are available, and there is limited seating. Well, considering the first seven teams seemed to arrive almost simultaneously last week, this could be tight. Rachel interviews that she and Brendon always want to be in the top three. That's a brilliant strategy. Too bad most teams are too stupid to come up with it. In the taxi to the airport, Brendon reads from the clue, "First flight: six teams only." Rachel color-commentates that she and Brendon need to be on it, because there's a three-hour lag between that and the second flight, which "could break a team." I can't see it helping.

Margie & Luke take off at 6:23, and Margie confesses that during their first leg, both of them were talking but neither of them was listening. Hey, at least Luke has an excuse. Margie is hopeful that they can be more supportive and learn from their mistakes. "We'll wait and see," Luke signs. That's encouraging.

The country singers, Caroline & Jennifer, are leaving at 6:24, freely admitting that the Express Pass kept them in the game last leg. Well, that and their performance at the Detour. Caroline claims that they're planning to surprise everyone with a "slow sneak attack." So everything that happened to them last week…they meant to do that?

Dave & Connor are leaving in a relatively distant fourth place, at 6:26, two full minutes behind the country singers. Dave and the Amazing Editors remind us how Dave's second leg ended back in TAR22, so he's glad to be starting the third leg injury-free this time. Soon they're crammed into the back of a taxi with their backpacks. Flight Time & Big Easy open their clue at 6:27 and run for a cab in fifth place. Then it's the cowboys, making their sixth-place start at 6:28 PM. They're pretty happy about the second Express Pass being out of play, making them the only team who will be in possession of one for the whole rest of the race. As for their own Express Pass, they're so efficient at most tasks anyway that skipping one won't make much difference. But it'll come in handy the first time they get U-Turned.

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