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Natalie and Nadiya are in the ballroom going through their routine. Their coffee grinders are a little rough, but they get a "Da" and are soon on their way to the Pit Stop. From the cab, they notice a guy walking down the street in a cape and mask. Does Moscow have supervillains?

At the Roadblock, Ryan agrees with Abbie that yes, he is in the zone (per the Roadblock question) and he settles down for his exam, which he fully plans to ace. "Puzzles and brain games are kind of my strong point," he interviews, so he figures he can get this done and get them out of there in less than two minutes. But he's soon making the same mistake Lexi and Jaymes made earlier, not that he realizes it. "Done. Win," he announces even before the professor calls pencils down. He's already up and ready to go to the next destination, clue in hand somehow, but the professor tells him in that dentist's drill voice, "It's not correct." Ryan's confused, but he goes again. And it's wrong again. "It's not correct," the professor honks after Test #6. And any number of tests after that. Which is great, because he's a lot less cocky now.

Natalie and Nadiya run up to the mat, where it's now sunny, dropping their backpacks -- and, in Natalie's case, herself, as she gets all tangled up in the straps. They're Team Number Three, and this time they high-five rather than moaning about it. Still not the best use of an Express Pass one might hope for, but a worse use for it would have been not using it at all.

Josh & Brent are finally, at long last, the "5th to Depart." So with the goat farmers' penalty, we're supposed to believe that it's took Team Grabbie four hours to get to the school and attempt the time zone test six times? I'm starting to understand why we're not seeing any departure times. Josh interviews that this leg started like a lot of other ones: "Josh & Brent against the world." But you're not going to quit, right, Josh? In their taxi, Brent says James & Abba are hot on their heels, "So it's going to come down to who gets the best cab and who gets to the Academy first." Brent is clearly ignorant of certain other variables affecting James & Abba's situation, i.e. the Speed Bump and the fact that they've apparently made no progress whatsoever on getting Abba's passport. In fact, when Team Metal finally becomes "Last to Depart," James suggests they start by going to a hotel and making some calls about getting a passport. What the hell have they been doing all day? It has to be late afternoon by now. So I can only assume that there was some rule prohibiting them from doing anything about their situation before starting their leg. Which seems a little harsh, but on the other hand, if you let teams wander around the city too much between legs, they might end up with an unfair advantage in terms of familiarity with their surroundings. And after all, it's not the production's fault they lost their shit. But at least they're getting on top of things now; Abba spots a guy with a cell phone on the street and borrows it on the spot. He then calls the embassy to see if he can get a temporary passport and then they decide to maybe try the police station. So I can only assume that they essentially spent the day in the hotel under house arrest.

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