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Trey & Lexi do their dance routine not well, but well enough and they exit the hotel in second place, right behind the Chippendales. Team Austin heads over to the hotel limo stand, while Jaymes hails a cab and asks the driver to call another one for Team Austin, only to not see Trey & Lexi around. "Guys, we can't help each other if you run off." So the Ja/mses head out, still hoping for first place. Natalie and Nadiya show up at the hotel, but they're having their driver wait so Trey & Lexi can't take him. But they quickly get another cab anyway. "We can still get first," Trey says. Only if you end up in a footrace with Gimpy Spice.

Natalie and Nadiya are soon in uniform and trying to learn the dance, but Natalie splits her pants... twice. With edited-in sound effects and all. Well, now I can tell them apart, at least.

James and Abba are still at their hotel, vowing to stay in it until all their options are exhausted. So far that seems to involve hanging around in the hotel room. Be very afraid, other teams.

Josh & Brent are now "waiting out penalty" on the steps of the Bolshoi Theater. That's going to be a long four hours. Too bad they didn't just get to sleep in later. And while two teams are already en route to the Pit Stop, Abbie & Ryan finally open their first clue under what has become a sunny afternoon sky, not that the departure times have returned to the screen Off they go to the Roadblock at the Agricultural Academy. Running for a cab, Ryan boasts, "I went to UC Davis and that's an agricultural school, what-what?" Yeah, this'll be the same thing. They soon get a cab, and Ryan interviews that the nightmare of the previous leg has helped them appreciate where they are now. "The taste of victory is getting closer to being in our mouth and we want it so badly now," he says, overextending the metaphor as badly as he habitually overextends his grabby meat hooks. In the cab, Abbie says Ryan's her guy for "anything numbers or science," and Ryan interviews that there's no higher stakes than two million dollars, which gives them more motivation than any other team. "You're smart. You know everything," Abbie says. Future racers, that's what a jinx sounds like.

At the Pit Stop, it's clearly either earlier in the day or rainy again as the two lead teams show up at the park, supposedly pretty close together. Jaymes says he's sorry for the pain James is feeling but asks him to dig deep and soon it is indeed a two-team footrace. But somehow the Chippendales hold on to their lead, all the way to the end. They climb up to the stage, each using a set of steps on either side, to where Phil's standing in front of the mat next to a woman dressed like Catherine the Great. She welcomes them to Sokolniky Park and although she doesn't seem to be making Jaymes & James regret skipping the cocktail party Detour, they thank her politely in pidgin Russian. And then Phil tells them they're Team Number One, which is a first for them. They celebrate loudly and hear all about the trip to Costa Rica they've just won. Trey & Lexi show up after they've cleared out and are happy to be Team Number Two. These two teams probably should have just shared the prize.

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