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Trey & Lexi's driver, as well as Jaymes & James's, get them to the Hotel National, where they quickly find the Petrovsky Room. Inside, a military band is playing an up-tempo number while all manner of rapid, highly gymnastic dancing goes on, courtesy of some extremely energetic men and women in uniform. They get changed into uniforms of their own -- though not without a shot of briefly shirtless Trey -- and go out into the ballroom where the lessons take place. Each team picks an instructor. We find out now -- a little belatedly, if you ask me -- that James sprained his ankle way back in Shanghai and it's been getting worse, but now they'll just have to do that dance, which, given that it includes such ankle-intensive moves as kicking alternate feet from a low squat, is especially tough on James's ankle. Soon the pain has him sweating so freely he looks like an oiled-up Chippendale. "We've got a problem," Jaymes says. Good thing you have another Detour option to go to then, right?

And coming back from ads, they've decided that James is in too much pain to spend any more time trying to learn the dance, so they're probably better off... going into the ballroom and attempting it instead. Chippendale logic, I guess. James can't pull off all the coffee grinders at the end, so they fail. But at least they do than Trey does. Holy God, dude dances like Herman Munster.

Natalie and Nadiya get to the Roadblock, take one look at the clue and bust out the Express Pass. They interview afterwards that they were both like, "Hell no," in unison. They head off to the dancing Detour, confident that they made a smart move. But dammit, without a Roadblock, how the hell am I going to know which of them is which for the rest of this episode?

After watching some more locals dance, James hobbles back out on the floor with Jaymes and they do well enough to get a clue, possibly more out of sympathy than anything else. Hugs all around and then we cut to Jaymes sitting on the floor opening their clue while, next to him, a medic tries to pull James's boot off to examine his injured ankle while James croaks in agony. Good thing there's nothing left for them to do this leg but find "Sokolniki Park," which Phil says is "an expansive, forested fairground." In fact, those are the woods he was coming to us from earlier. You don't often see carnival rides in among the trees like this, possibly because people don't generally care to get smacked in the face by a leaping squirrel while trying to enjoy the trapeze ride. "And hidden in this urban oasis, a public performance pavilion," Phil sentence-fragments. That would be the Pit Stop. Standing on the stage that, despite being pretty colorful, is a rinky-dink little dump, Phil warns, "The last team to check in here may be eliminated." Back at the hotel, James drags himself over to where he and Jaymes can change clothes, hoping to win their first leg ever. Because he could clearly use a new one.

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