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And on Test #12, the professor receives gets the papers and begins with exaggerated sadness, "I'm really sorry.... but you WIN!" Ham it up, prof. He comes out from behind the lectern with a clue in each hand. Looks like a Detour: "Movers or Shakers." Suddenly Phil's out in the woods, telling us that teams can either, "Take on a grueling physical Russian challenge or test their powers of observation by identifying famous Russian leaders." So we know already which one most teams will be choosing. For "Movers," the racers will have to put on uniforms and do a Russian soldier dance, which, according to the intro video, looks pretty demanding with lots of low kicks and circular leg-sweeps. For "Shakers," on the other hand, they'll go to an "elegant cocktail party" attended by people in costume, including some dressed as such historical Russian luminaries as Catherine the Great, Josef Stalin, Lean Trotsky, Leonid Brezhnev (but not Lenny Bruce or Lester Bangs), Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Peter the Great and Sergei Rachmaninoff, according to a close-up of the guest list. Then they'll have to find a certain number of lookalikes for each of them, which may be tricky, given that I'm pretty sure that at least one Catherine the Great at the party is totally a dude. When they've accomplished this, "Alexander Pushkin will hand over their next clue." Well, of course he will. Both Team Austin and the Chippendales opt for the dancing challenge, because we've seen what happens when Amazing Racers try to delve into local history, this despite the fact that V.I. Lenin is as recognizable as John Lennon. Jaymes and James have a little trouble getting their driver out of the coffee shop, but at least they have a driver, as opposed to Trey & Lexi, who apparently sent their cabbie back to the Herb Tarlek Boutique from whence he came and they don't see any other taxis going by. Rather than abandoning them in the rain, Jaymes tells their driver to pull over and they help Team Austin hail a cab, Jaymes saying they owe them. He gets them on their way, and they all feel pretty good about that. Because we're watching The Amazing Montessori now or something.

Natalie and Nadiya are trying to get their diver to hurry up and get them to the building without stopping at McDonald's like he wants to. He assures them he knows where they're going. "I taxi thritty-seven years!" he announces in a heavy accent. One of the twins insists, "Boss, boss, no McDonald's. They're too fat." They all have a good laugh about that. And perhaps they've helped their driver live another thritty-seven months.

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