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Jaymes and Lexi sit down next to each other in the middle of the second row and watch 2:15 Moscow time come up on the screen. Then they get a look at the time zone map, which just has Moscow in the orange zone and all the other zones marked with just UTC +6 through UTC + 12. Moscow, by the way, is in an extra-large zone marked UTC +4. There's no UTC +5, I suppose because Moscow's so awesome it doesn't want to be close to any other time zones. While Jaymes and Lexi are trying to make sense of this, the slide changes to another map of Russia, but with the time zones removed and a half-dozen cities outside the Moscow time zone labeled. While they're trying to figure it out, the screen goes blank again. They wonder if that was it and the professor blares, "PUUUUT THE PENCILS DOOOWN" in a voice genetically engineered to annoy. They quickly obey, laughing and some young proctors come up to collect their papers. We get another explanation of the task courtesy of Jaymes, with some visual aids popping up on the screen. Yes, we got it the first time, even though they didn't. They get set up to try again, knowing better what to expect now. 4:00 Moscow Time flashes up and as they talk about how they're flashing back to college, they both get it wrong again. "NEEEXT ROUND!" the professor hollers. Soon they're on "Test #6," according to the little icon in the corner of the screen. "PENCILS DOWN!" the professor yells again. It's a wonder there are any college graduates in Russia who aren't deaf.

Natalie and Nadiya are off from the Pit Stop in third place and the rain appears to be coming down harder. One of them says that this, the eighth leg, represents their last chance to use their Express Pass and they joke about using it on Phil. They're soon in a cab. What if they did Express Pass Phil? Would they get to skip his greeting and go right to the next leg?

The professor tells Jaymes and Lexi that they're both wrong again and it's time for another try. This time Jaymes suggests that he take the right side of the map and Lexi the left and splitting the work this way, they manage to get Test #10... wrong. And after #11? "This is not correct. Try again," the professor says. Lexi suddenly realizes, "Oh my gosh, we're idiots." Well, I don't think she's just realizing that, but rather a new way in which that's proving to be the case. She's just now figured out that Moscow is marked +4 and they've been treating it like it's zero when they should have been deducting Moscow's +4 from, say, Novosibirsk's +6, so that if it's 12:00 in Moscow it's two hours later in Novosibirsk or 2:00, rather than the 6:00 that they would have been putting down up until now. She explains their mistake to Jaymes, who explains it to us in an interview, with even more visual aids: "Plus six is only plus two! Plus seven is only plus three!" Lexi summarizes: "We're dumb." Jaymes says he's glad to be working with the smartest person on the race, who tells him to shut up, even though he might not be entirely kidding.

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