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Some time later, James and Abba stand just off the mat, as though in recognition of the fact that they can't officially complete the leg. Phil tells them they're officially the last team to arrive. But it gets even weirder, because it's actually a non-elimination leg, which means they're still in the race. But! Only if they find their passports, which tells us right away that there's going to be a second Moscow leg. Oh, and plus they have a Speed Bump ahead of them in the next leg, not to pile on or anything. "Are you telling us we have another shot? James asks Phil. "I'm telling you that your race is not over until it's over," Phil says. "Until you get to a point where you need to produce your passport in order to continue racing." They can't believe it. "Find that cabdriver, make him the Speed Bump," Abba cracks. Phil repeats, "It ain't over till it's over." We'll see about that.

So we come back from the first ad break with the show acting as though it's the beginning of a new episode, but still without the interesting fact from Phil. I'd like to suggest one: given how hard it's proving to eliminate three disaster-stricken teams, it seems germane that this country is the homeland of Rasputin. Phil reminds us that Trey & Lexi won the previous leg, "And will now be the first team to depart." Yep, there's the subtitle reading, "1st to Depart," but with no departure time. That's odd, bordering on shady. I can tell you that it's daytime and pissing down rain, but beyond that we'll have to wait for further indications. The first clue of this leg is sending them to a place called Study Building #6 at the Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy. They'll follow a "marked path" (which consists of Amazing Arrows stuck on the walls inside the building) to the evocatively named "Large Chemistry Auditorium Number 1" to find their next clue. Trey and Lexi hail a taxi in the rain, and Lexi tells us they're not going to take their lead for granted. After a short ride, they get out of their cab and soon find themselves in a graffiti-filled tunnel with broken glass on the sidewalks. Not a nice part of town, in other words. So they get into another cab, this one driven by an old guy dressed like a used car salesman in 1970 who is using a Dixie cup for an ashtray with the windows rolled up tight. Yes, sometimes traveling around the world can be like traveling back in time.

Jaymes & James are the "2nd to Depart," not that we have any idea how far behind they are. As we see them secure a cab so quickly they surprise even themselves, Jaymes interviews about how they plan to stick to their strategy: "Keep having a good time, keep being friends with people and just stay at the top." And then we see Jaymes make fun of himself for saying "Si" to a Russian taxi driver. You know, "Da" sounds a lot like "Duh."

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