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At a hotel near the Pit Stop, James and Abba are talking to police officers. James narrates that being in the music business has taught him that no matter how many times you fall, there's always a way to get up. "There's always another tour." So look for White Lion to come back to your town soon, I guess.

Team Grabbie and the goat farmers get to the Roadblock, and Abbie and Josh take it, even though neither of them appears too excited about it. In the illumination of the street lamps, Josh quickly figures out a system, using the pattern of which ones have key rings on them. Soon he's got six locks open and after we check in with Abbie, who's frustrated and stuck on one or two of her locks, he finishes up and gets his clue from inside the cylinder within the ribbon. That accomplished, they go over so Josh can explain the pattern to Abbie, who has sat down in defeat. Josh helps her up, gives her a hug and helps her finish, earning another hug from both Ryan and Abbie. I think he may even have undone some of the locks for her. Should we just change the title of this show to The Amazing Kumbaya? Of course there's a rule against racers helping their partners with a Roadblock, but there's nothing saying opposing teams can't help each other. Why would you even need such a rule, because who would ever do that?

Out on the street, Abba explains to us that they've contacted the U.S. embassy to look into new passports and they've done everything they can do for now. James interviews that he's always admired Abba's thirst for exploration, which he says sets him apart in their industry: "I can't find any rock musicians that I travel with that even really want to get out of bed half the time." Walking back up the street on their way back to the Pit Stop, James says, "Let's go say goodbye to Phil."

After the godawful two days they've had, Team Grabbie and the goat farmers finally walk up to the mat and jump onto it as close to simultaneously as they can possibly manage, while the accordionist finishes with a big fanfare. "Tough day?" Phil asks, like, derr. Then he says, "Abbie & Ryan? Josh & Brent? I have some good news. There is still a team out there struggling on the course. So Abbie and Ryan, you are team number four." Abbie and Ryan stand there with their mouths open in shock as Phil tells Josh and Brent that they're team number five. Even with their four-hour penalty? So I guess that means either that we've either given up on Team Metal or something else. And it's not that Phil forgot, as he reminds Josh & Brent, "The bad news is you have a four-hour penalty for not completing the Detour. And that four-hour penalty will be assessed at the start of the next leg." Nice of Phil to let them go to bed rather than making them wait it out on one of the benches right here, right now. They interview after the leg that they can't believe they're still in the race and they know they have a lot of catching up to do. "It's almost impossible." For them, maybe.

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