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Abbie and Ryan make it to the Pit Stop, Ryan laughing as though he has come completely unglued, which he may well have done so. They're Team Number Four, to their lack of surprise. Abbie says they'll come back tomorrow and Ryan adds, "We've also knocked out the tougher challenges that we've faced individually and the fears that we've had." Whatever that means. "So hopefully it's a smoother ride and we can get back up to the top." This Catherine tells them "do svidaniya." "Which means goodbye," Phil tells them firmly. Get off my mat already, you weirdo.

Brent and Josh run to the mat, Josh dropping his rolling suitcase on the ground as he goes and they are Team Number Five. "Today was fabulous," Josh says. "We're doing something right because we're still in the game. There's a surprise every leg." Or in the case of this leg, several.

So that's clearly it for James and Abba, no matter what. We see them arrive at the Detour location and Abba interviews, "Outside of all the miserable uncomfortableness of my knees, it's been great." James says they're feeling crushed, having hoped to get to the end of the race. Well, they're almost at the end of theirs. James opens their Speed Bump clue over the farewell music and rather than wasting anyone's time finding out what it is, we just see them go outside, get into a limo with a priest and apparently ride with him straight to the Pit Stop, where it's coming on evening. "Zdravstvuitje (Hello.)," says Catherine the Greeter. "James & Abba: passports?" Phil asks crisply, as though it matters at this point. "Just one," James says. "The other one?" Phil asks. "Floatin' around somewhere in Russia," Abba says, as cheerfully as he can manage. Phil says, "I'm very sorry to tell you that you are in fact the last team to arrive." James says they're not surprised, nor are they surprised to be Philiminated. The only surprise is that it's taken this long. James says they had a great time. "The Amazing Race was killer for us." Abba says he doesn't want to be saying goodbye, but "holding a check next to my buddy here. We put another couple thousand miles on together, and hoping there are many more." There's a farewell montage of clips from some previous legs and they're philosophical about having done their best and moving forward. "It's like the old boxing coach said: we was robbed," James interviews. Abba agrees, "Literally, we were." They hug on the mat and that's it for them. Too bad they didn't have an old boxing coach to pull the plug on them earlier on. Nice requiem over the closing credits, though. Very tragic.

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