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Ryan gets another "This is not correct" on Test #17, because he's still using the same method and insisting that something about the test is "misleading." This isn't the Challenge, bro. Apparently he's even been adding four hours to Moscow time for cities that are in the same time zone as Moscow, which should have jogged something loose in that puzzle-solving, brain-game-winning, number-y, science-y melon of his. Abbie whispers fearfully to the camera that maybe Ryan's overthinking it. "Plus-four has to mean in reference to something else, not in reference to Moscow. I don't know, maybe I'm stupid." Well, Abbie, even though you're the one using the kind of voice people use when heavy boots are clomping around over the crawlspace you're hiding in, you're not the one who's failed the test 21 times. Ryan is becoming convinced that "There's a glitch in the Matrix." Because it's patently impossible that he could be making a mistake. At some point he gets up and loudly complains to the professor about what he perceives as a "contradiction" in the map. "Try to relax. I'm on your side," the professor lies, probably because he doesn't want to get torn to pieces on camera. And then he smirks while watching Ryan sit down again and continue to insist that he's right and the test is wrong. Looks like Jaymes might have actually been right about the smartest person in the race.

After the ads, Ryan says, "I was a really bad student in school, but I test really well for IQ. So maybe I shouldn't be taking tests in a classroom." So he starts again and while both thinking out loud and trying to communicate why the professor is out of order, the test is out of order and the whole goddamn concept of time zones is out of order, he bitchily narrates his thought process: "Moscow is plus four in its own time zone. Wait, what?" Ah, the light dawns. He flips over his test page and goes, "Ohhhh. OHHHHHH! AAAAAARGGH! Oh, I'm so stupid!" This last he says three times, while the professor smiles at him and sings out, "Next round!" clearly relieved that he is not going to be killed by an American today. So on Test #25, the professor comes out and does his bit: "I'm really sorry... but you WIN!" Ryan gives him a hug, of course, and they're off to go dancing. But he still feels stupid. You know what, Ryan? Don't feel stupid. We all make mistakes, especially when we're tired and frustrated. That doesn't make you stupid. Mulishly pigheaded, though? Go ahead and feel like you're that.

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