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You'll recall that we ended last week with Abba's passport missing, presumably in the possession of a cab driver who absconded with it and all the rest of the stuff he and James weren't actually wearing or carrying, while a missed airline connection had left Ryan & Abbie and Josh & Brent hours behind, leading them to form the Amazing Race's first-ever suicide pact. In fact, the situation was dire enough that the episode ended with the onscreen text, "To Be Continued." And here we are. Continuing.

We return to Moscow, which is re-introduced to us by a simple subtitle on the screen rather than Phil sharing an interesting fact like he usually does. And under the grim circumstances, this seems appropriate; James and Abba are where we left them last week, standing before Phil on the mat without their passports and thus unable to check in. "You're not the last team to arrive," he tells them, which is the one piece of good news he can offer them right now, and with that he sends them off in search of their passports. After all, Abbie & Ryan and Brent & Josh still have yet to check in and are, in fact, still at the swimming pool -- the latter team still wearing ridiculous floral swim caps as they attempt to complete the synchronized swimming Detour. It sucks that Team Metal's driver left with all their stuff, but Phil used to mug last-place teams all the time and they did fine until their inevitable Philimination for causes having less to do with their lack of possessions than the reason they came in last in the first place. So I think the lesson here is to always keep your passport on your person, especially in Moscow, Toni & Dallas. Team Metal goes to a nearby building to see if they can make some phone calls. I feel particularly bad for Abba, who's about to be in Moscow at night in a t-shirt, June notwithstanding. At least when the sun sets in time-lapse mode, the Bolshoi Theater is even more magnificent at night. So Team Metal won't be Philiminated in front of some rinky-dink little dump.

At the pool, Brent and Josh get another fail-buzzer on their latest attempt at performing with the synchronized swimmers. The coach comes over to them and, with one of the swimmers translating, explains that the pool's about to close but they can have one more chance. Huh, I wonder how this will go? Actually, if it's anything like Mark's "last try" at the Bollywood dance Roadblock during the previous season, we already know. They hit the music and Abbie and Ryan watch from a bench -- all dressed and ready to go, with their coats and backpacks on and everything -- as the goat farmers jump into the pool with their team one more time. Ryan reminds us that these two teams "made arrangements" to stick together, so here they are. Brent fails to do a backflip so blatantly that it's not even good enough to let it slide for the last chance. Or maybe it would have been without another team there to witness it, in which case "racing together" screwed them over anyway, but I guess we'll never know. The coach goes over and tells them, again through the swimming translator, "I'm sorry, no. It is your clue and you got a penalty." So they're Currently in Last Place as they climb out in defeat. Shouldn't Josh at least try to tell her about how they never quit? Brent interviews afterwards, "Each time we did get slightly better... just not good enough." Ryan goes over and asks them what happened and Josh explains that they have a four-hour penalty. "We knew we were out," Josh VOs, but they still stick together and they hop into tandem cabs. Brent says there's no reason for Abbie and Ryan to bail on them now, since only one of these two teams has a four-hour penalty. "They're safe no matter what." Well, unless Team Grabbie skips the Roadblock and gets an identical penalty to even things out. That really would be sticking together, wouldn't it?

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