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At the school, Jennifer is calmly showing an impatient Justin how the pieces fit together, and tells us she's looking forward to doing this project with her own class. She talks about Americans' good fortune in being able to buy toys from the store, and how this might teach those ungrateful special-ed kids back home some appreciation already. Tommy also interviews that he might make one for his son, Owen. "I just gotta remember how to do it." He tells the rest of them that it's pretty tedious, and Laurence encourages everyone to go sew, then. Sandy looks at him like, "Is this guy for real? Is this happening? Am I here? What century is it?"

Amani and Marcus have at least reached the old market. Cindy and Cathi are both having trouble with the machines; Cindy just in general, while it looks like Cathi's thread snapped, so she just sewed a line of imaginary stitching. Ernie takes over Cindy's machine. They remind us in an interview that they still have the Express Pass, which they won in the first leg, but have held off using it. Cindy says they want to use it as late as possible. Solid strategy. I for one am looking forward to an Express Pass that actually saves someone. Or, better yet, one that gets thrown down on the giant mat at the Finish Line. That would be bad-ass. Cathi's already done with her customer's pants and moving on to the jacket as Amani and Marcus show up. Marcus does the pants and has Amani do the jacket, boasting some more about what a great seamstress his grandmother was. "Why'd you give me the jacket?" Amani complains.

Justin and Jennifer are almost done with their trucks, as are Jeremy and Sandy. Both teams carry their trucks over to be pulled across the red clay by some of the school kids, and Team Pre-Owned gets their clue. It's sending them to R-K Furniture Shop, a roadside store where, according to Phil, "the people of Malawi proudly sell their handcrafted wooden furniture." All of them? Looks like they specialize in bed frames, judging by the stock out on the yard. In any case, Sandy wants to take a moment to kick the soccer ball around with the kids before heading out. "You have to enjoy some of this," she says to Jeremy, who says he is. Almost convincingly, too. Justin and Jennifer's trucks also pass inspection, so they're leaving right behind Team Pre-Owned. Andy and Tommy finish in third place, and after some clumsy high-fiving and soccer ball-kicking with the kids, they're on their way as well, with more thoughts about the difference between the United States, where toys come from the store, and Malawi, where toys come from the recycling bin.

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