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Ernie and Cindy's driver is stopping for directions to the tailor shop, which is making them rather nervous. Bill and Cathi are at Memorial Tower, and they decide on All Sewn Up. In the cab there, Cathi says she's made suits for her dad and for Bill. "I don't think this will be difficult at all." I want to see those homemade suits before I decide whether to agree with her.

The siblings show up at the school, where Jeremy and Sandy are installing the wheels on their first truck. After an exchange of hellos, the siblings get to work. Justin compares this to his job as a physician: "At the root of surgery, all we do is break down and build things right back up." Okay, so if I ever fall and rupture my truck, Justin's the doctor I want.

Amani and Marcus, still in last, go with All Sewn Up for the Detour. "My grandmother's a sewer, my mom's a sewer, so I've seen it done," Marcus says. I should clarify that he says "sewer" as in "a person who sews," not "a noisome tunnel of shit." As for having "seen it done," so have I, but that doesn't mean I think I could do it. In fact, if I'd inherited all of my grandmothers' skills automatically, I could not only sew, but I'd also be a devoutly Catholic basketball star who could deploy tactical nuclear weapons with guilt-tipped warheads. On the road, Andy encourages their traffic-snarled driver, "Make a hole, punch through." But it's Laurence and Zac's driver who actually does that. "We're creating our own lane," Laurence says as the camera zooms in through the windshield at the oncoming, horn-blaring traffic (possibly involuntarily, as the cameraman's eyes widen in terror). But they survive to pass Andy and Tommy on the road. "They got us," Tommy says. But it's all for naught, because when both teams reach the school, the snowboarders beat Team Adventure in the footrace to the clues. As both teams join the truck-building project, Laurence tells Sandy, "I thought you would have gone to the sewing machines, my dear." Okay, seriously, shut it, caveman. Sandy says she can't sew, and Justin asks her what she does in the OR, then. Sandy interviews that she's a nurse practitioner. "I sew bodies at work. I do not sew clothing." Laurence can't let well enough alone: "Jeremy, you want to be careful, if you're gonna get married, she can't sew." Karma is on the case, though, as Laurence pinches himself with the scissors. Thank you, karma. Stay close, though.

At the old market, Cathi and Bill are arriving just ahead of Ernie and Cindy, and the disappearance of Team Control's lead isn't lost on any of them. They make their way through the maze-like alleyways to the open-air tailor shop, where eight guys are standing against the wall holding suits on hangers. Cindy and Cathi each take a suit and get started at one of the old manual sewing machines. These machines are so old the brand name used to be Brother but now it's Uncle. Or, they're so old that instead of Singer they're called Gasper. Oy, thank God I'm out of sewing machine brand names.

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