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Back at the warehouse, Laurence finishes the Roadblock, and needs some help from Zac to escape from his sweaty coverall. Off to Memorial Tower. "That was a killer, Zac," Laurence says. "That was a young man's deal." So he probably is a bit winded now. Ernie & Cindy reach Memorial Tower next, with Justin & Jennifer joining them there while they're still reading the clue. Cindy and Ernie are doing the sewing task, but Justin warns Jennifer, "Sewing machines are difficult. They're notoriously tricky and they get tangled all the time. Let's go with trucks." "Alright, fine," Jennifer says as though she's doing him a giant favor. Ernie and Cindy's driver doesn't know where the tailor shop is. "I will ask," he promises. Jennifer interviews that "teaching, and kids, that's my whole life." In the taxi, she says, "We'll build us a truck. And see some cute kids, too." So at least she's no longer pretending to be crabby about not getting to sew.

Andy and Tommy are the next to reach Memorial Tower and agree to make trucks, although it sounds like they're pronouncing it as "drugs." I'm sure I'm just projecting that. Tommy says they're picking Not Grown Up because "We ain't quite grown up yet." "Straight up, dude," Andy agrees. They spot the arriving Zac and Laurence, and Team Adventure is going for the trucks as well. "This is where the ladies whip past us," Laurence says. "They'll knock out the sewing really quickly." Because all ladies know how to sew, and sew well. "We gotta be just like animals with that truck," he tells Zac. Animals with appropriately antiquated views of gender roles.

Bill and Marcus are still at the warehouse, and Bill finishes next, putting him and Cathi in sixth place. He gets their clue and they're soon in their taxi to Memorial Tower. "That reminds me of hauling hay," Bill pants. "Whoo, dog." Amani talks about how disheartening it was to see all the other teams leave, and we leave Marcus humping yet another bale.

Back from ads, Marcus offloads his ninth bale as Amani tells us they've been in last place before, and they've gone from last to first. "He enjoys hard work," she adds. "He appreciates what these men do for a living." Why, is he a smoker? He finally finishes, and a throng of green-suited men follow him through the warehouse jumping and chanting as he carries his clue back. Marcus interviews about how special that was, even though they were just enabling his football-crowd addiction.

Jeremy and Sandy arrive at the school in first place, finding the kids singing in the schoolyard. A completed sample milk-carton truck is sitting on a bench next to the supplies. And this seems like a good time to clarify that those are not milk cartons. I thought I saw the word "beer" on one of them in a close-up, and indeed reader Bruce, just back from three years in Botswana, e-mailed me with the information that they once held something called Chibuku Shake Shake, a cheap, sorghum-based alcoholic brew that I hope never to experience after reading this H2G2 entry about it. Seriously, yuck. As they get to work, Jeremy interviews that he has a six-year-old son, "and going into the school really made me miss him like crazy." He says it was great to see the kids, "But I wish I could have seen him today." Sandy doesn't have anything to add on the subject. I'm really trying not to jump to any conclusions on their backstory. While they work, Sandy asks the kids if they're having a good day at school. They laugh like they're full of Chibuku Shake Shake.

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