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Out in Africa

Amani and Marcus finally make it to the correct entrance, and this will be Marcus's Roadblock. She laughs at Marcus in his uniform. Ernie has a collision with another worker, while Justin is on his seventh bale. Justin interviews that with all the tobacco in the air, it quickly got hard to breathe. Jennifer is more succinct: "It smelled like my dad." Too bad they can't clear their sinuses by stepping over to the menthol section of the warehouse for a few minutes. Hauling and rolling continues, and Marcus compares it to being a rookie all over again as he unloads his third bale. Jeremy's on his last, Ernie and Justin unload their ninth, and Jeremy finishes up, high-fiving the armies of cheering workers as he runs past to rejoin Sandy. Their next clue is sending them to something called Memorial Tower. Don't wait for Phil to tell you about it, because he's got nothing. I guess I'll need to research it myself... okay, it was dedicated in 2007 to Malawi's war dead. Now you know what Phil would have told you if he were in more of a mood to share. Team Pre-Owned hurries back to their cab to head out. "That was a workout," Jeremy says happily from the back seat. Okay, there's something wrong with a person who likes wearing himself out like that at the beginning of a leg.

Ernie finishes next, so he and Cindy are in second place. "It's hard to breathe in there [even] without doing anything," Cindy tells us as Ernie drips sweat next to her in the cab. Justin's done next, putting him and Jennifer in third place on their way to Memorial Tower. In their cab, Justin observes that Marcus was having trouble with the bales, and none of them have done anything like that -- except maybe Bill, on the farm. Hmmm, good point. Tommy's the next to finish, and Andy compliments his hustle as he reads the clue sending them to Memorial Tower. "That was definitely a physical one," Tommy understates in their cab.

Jeremy and Sandy spot a narrow white spire rising over the trees, and soon come around the bend for a full view of Memorial Tower, with a bronze statue in front of a man raising his hat. That would be Dr. Kamuzu Hastings Banda, the first president of the Republic of Malawi, who led the country for thirty years. Not big on term limits in Malawi, I take it. There's also a large bowl of clues on the steps. Jeremy and Sandy hop out, and with the statue nicely framed in the background, read a clue for a Detour: "All Sewn Up" or "Not Grown Up."

Over to a busy marketplace, where Phil is saying, "The people of Malawi pride themselves in being resourceful." Hence the Detour options. For All Sewn Up, they have to come to this marketplace and find the White Horse De-Signs tailor shop. Customers will be waiting there to lead them to one of the manual sewing machines they'll use to stitch the seams on a suit jacket and pant legs. Standing next to a dapper fellow in a black suit, Phil says the customer will give them the next clue when he's satisfied with the fit. For Not Grown Up, they'll go to Lilongwe L.E.A. School, where piles of what look like cardboard milk cartons, sticks, bottle caps, and tools are waiting to be made into "traditional children's toy trucks." Judging by the look of them, "traditional" means "flimsy as hell." Each team will make two, and the headmistress will clear them for road-testing, after which the kid who tows it around the grounds a bit will give them their next clue, assuming the bottle-cap wheels don't fall off the bamboo-stick axles. Jeremy and Sandy are going with that latter option. "I cannot sew to save my life," Sandy explains. That makes two of us.

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