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Sandy's shoulder is now bleeding from carrying her bed, and Bill and Cathi are closing in behind her and Jeremy. "If they pass me, good for a 62-year-old woman," Sandy pants. Well, good for Cathi, then, because they do. Laurence and Zac are catching up with Ernie and Cindy. "Don't think about the pain, just go," Jeremy pushes Sandy. Laurence is huffing, far behind Zac, even as they pass Team Control while Ernie's trying to perform field repairs on his bed. "That is gnarly," Cindy says. Bill and Cathy are trying to drag their beds onto the mat when Justin and Jennifer run around them and make it in second place. "Bill and Cathi, stay where you are," Phil says, and then instructs the arriving Jeremy and Sandy to stand next to the siblings so he can tell them they're team number three. The grandparents launch some eye-daggers, until Phil explains that they need to go back and pay. Which shuts down whatever they might have been about to say.

Amani and Marcus have just paid their driver, and start hauling their beds down the path, Marcus saying they got dealt a bad hand and Amani praying to not get eliminated. Laurence and Zac reach the village and are told, "Get on the mat here, you guys!" Laurence, exhausted, gets a hug from the greeter before Phil tells them they're team number four, much to their surprise. Ernie and Cindy arrive as an exhausted team number five. Amani and Marcus are still heading up the path. He offers to let her take a break, but she insists, "I don't want to slow down, I don't want to talk." They meet Bill and Cathi coming back, and unless they're halfway to the mat, they're screwed. The grandparents return and pay off their driver (ten thousand for this guy, maybe because he's got a bigger truck), and Team NFL keeps schlepping. At some point that may or may not be near the mat, the grandparents pass Amani and Marcus again, so they are officially team number six. The grandparents have survived to the halfway point, y'all. Raise your Metamucil glass to them.

Finally, Amani and Marcus make it to the mat, in seventh and last place. "How are you feeling right now?" Phil asks them, a dead giveaway that this is a non-elimination leg. Amani says she's not ready for it to be over, and Phil asks, "You want to stay in the race?" She nods. Phil tells them they'll need the beds, because they're still in it. "This is a non-elimination leg," he tells them, because when is it not any more, and he adds that they still have a chance to win it. They hug emotionally as Phil warns them about the Speed Bump they'll have to face in the next leg. Amani brings up the special-needs daughter back home and says tearfully, "We don't want her to quit." The locals look on in either sympathy or boredom as she goes on to talk about the importance of teamwork and not quitting, and how they're setting a great example "for not just our kids but all kids." Like the one in the crowd of locals, there, I guess. You hear that, kids? If you're going to lose, make sure you lose when it doesn't count.

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