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Out in Africa

Bill and Cathi unload their beds at the trailhead. So do Ernie and Cindy, after confirming that Cindy paid the driver. Bill also assumes they have to pay. "Only if he asks," Cathi says. Oops. They go right by Team Control, and Cindy says, "We got passed by old people. And that sucks." Jeremy criticizes Sandy's carrying technique, which she's not terribly receptive to. "This is what I got," she snaps. Bill helps Cathi get hers on her back, and she says they understand manual labor, living on a farm and all. Cindy's struggling to get her bed up on top of herself. Cathi says she was hoping for a day without bruises, but it looks like she's out of luck for today on that score. Ernie has helped Cindy get her bed up on her head, upside-down with the headboard hanging down a few feet behind her, and warns her that he's letting go. While he runs back for his own, she struggles to keep her bed balanced, but doesn't make it twenty steps before the foot of it tips to the ground in front of her. Calling for help from Ernie, she collapses to the ground with it on top of her in what looks like a very uncomfortable way, sort of half-sitting, and half squashed to the ground by the wooden slats. Ernie laughs to find her still pinned under there when he returns. "You're in African jail!" he says, hurrying to help her. "I'm in jail," she laugh/cries until he lifts it off her. "That didn't work." Okay, but it was hilarious, and to me, that's what really matters.

The siblings are running back up the path. "At least we're not carrying beds," Justin points out, looking on the bright side. Jeremy is trying to hurry Sandy along with her bed, and she says she's doing her best. They meet the siblings on the path, who aren't forthcoming about what they're doing. Justin and Jennifer also don't talk to Bill and Cathi, who are working their way around a hole in the path. But when they meet Cindy, who asks what's going on, Justin says, "We have to pay our guy." As he passes Ernie, a slat falls off the latter's bed. Man, those two can't catch a break sometimes. They don't need an Express Pass, they need a Get Out Of Shitty Luck Free card.

Laurence and Zac are unloading their beds from their truck as the siblings reach the parking area and ask how much. They're asked to pay seven thousand whatever, and they hand over $40 USD, which is a little short. They also learn there's another driver still waiting to be paid. "You need to holler at your people," Jennifer advises him, as though he doesn't know. But with their driver satisfied (even though they shorted him a couple bucks), they can head back.

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