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Out in Africa

Happy Lion King/Graceland-style music signals the arrival of Justin and Jennifer outside the village. "Phil, where are you!" Jennifer blares from the back of the truck. Soon they reach the point of the dirt road where there's a sign reading "All Vehicles Must Stop," and they realize they'll have to carry their beds the rest of the way. They huck them up onto their shoulders and head down the path. "I hear the drumbeats," Justin says. Presumably that's the musicians at the Pit Stop and not his heart threatening to explode out his ears. Behind them, Andy and Tommy pull up, jump out, and ask their driver how much they owe him before heading up the path. "We could catch someone with this distance," one of them says optimistically, and indeed they're coming as close as two guys can to jogging while carrying large wooden bed frames. Jeremy and Sandy's truck arrives, and as they head up the path, Sandy asks Jeremy if he paid. When he says no, she asks, "Then what are you doing?" Going back and paying him, that's what. The bed appears too much for Sandy to carry, and when Jeremy tries to encourage her, she yells, "Stop yelling at me! That doesn't help!" Although, to be fair, she's the one yelling.

In worse news, Amani and Marcus's taxi breaks down, so they have to bail on it before they get out of the city. This may be God's punishment for the way Marcus is wearing a sun visor upside down. And that's the third of three acts that have ended with Team NFL in a desperate situation, which means they'll end the episode either in first place or being fired into the sun by Phil. Or somewhere in between. I'm calling it right now. You just wait and see if I'm right.

So now Marcus has to climb onto their bed frames that are filling the bed of the mini-pickup they've hired. Presumably Amani gets to ride up front in the cab, while Marcus talks to us about their cab breaking down on the most important leg for them. Not sure why this leg is more important than the others, especially in light of what happens later.

The mat at the village is flanked by a small, purple-clad army of singers and musicians as Justin and Jennifer approach. "I think you're gonna be excited by what he tells you," Justin encourages his sister. Finally they reach the mat, set their beds down, and are welcomed by one of the many purple-dressed women there. Phil says, "Got another team coming in," and Andy and Tommy arrive with their beds as well. After a little dancing, Phil tells them all, "You may have noticed you're in Africa. The people in Africa carry everything. And today you got to experience a little bit of carrying everything, including your beds. Which you will be sleeping on tonight. "Told you," Justin tells Jennifer. Phil tells them they're the first team to arrive." But...?" Jennifer asks while Justin claps like a happy goon. Sure enough, Phil has a "however," and here it comes: "I understand that you did not pay your truck driver." Some of the locals give them dirty looks as Phil tells them they need to go back and do that. So off they go, which means that once again, Andy and Tommy win a leg by default. This time they get a trip to a private island in the British Virgin Islands, which sounds very romantic. Tommy says they're just trying to make it through to the finals, but a win's even better. Well, it's hard not to keep winning if you keep showing up on the mat right behind other teams who've screwed up, which they've done literally half the time now. Andy gushes, "Everyone is so friendly here. We love you guys. You're awesome." And they are "stoked to be in Africa."

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