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Out in Africa

Justin and Jennifer are loading their beds into the back of a pickup truck, and they end up crammed in next to them while they ride towards the village. Jeremy and Sandy try to flag down a truck, but it turns out to not be theirs. Andy and Tommy are moving their beds into position as Team Adventure arrives in fourth place and reads their clue. The snowboarders, seeing a green truck pulling up, figure that's theirs and start loading it up, to Jeremy and Sandy's great but ultimately impotent chagrin. "This could have been their truck, but who knows?" Andy says as they cruise down the road. They don't seem keen to make him turn around and go back, though. Ernie and Cindy show up in fifth, and Ernie smoothly jumps over a deep ditch while holding his end of the bed. And here are Bill and Cathi, in sixth place.

Back at the tailor shop, Amani and Marcus have finished sewing, although Amani says, "Babe, my jacket could look like anything, Lord have mercy." As their guy tries it on, Marcus insists, "My grandma would be proud! Come on with that clue!" He hands it over, because how many other people are going to walk out of that tailor shop wearing a genuine Amani jacket? No, don't get up, I'll fire myself. Back into the cab, where Marcus frets, "I'm on a high-speed chase, and this is the opposite of a high-speed chase."

Laurence and Zac are trying to convince the driver of their taxi -- a standard four-dour sedan, unmarked like most of the other taxis we're seeing in Malawi -- that two twin-sized bed frames are going to fit in his car somehow. "Can we open the passenger doors and put the beds through the middle?" Zac asks, obviously thinking he's in some alternate dimension where the rules of time and space do not apply, or in India. Jeremy and Sandy finally get a truck and load it up. Laurence and Zac and their driver read the rest of the clue telling them to ask the shop owner to call a driver, so they go to do that. "Bloody frustrating," Laurence says. Ernie and Cindy load up a truck, as do Bill and Cathi. "Now we're cooking!" Bill says. Laurence and Zac seem to be just trying to flag down a truck driver. We see Ernie and Cindy going down the road, clinging to the metal frame over their truck bed. "I've never felt less safe in my life than right now," Cindy says. Laurence, on the other hand, runs up to a moving truck, opens the driver's door, and runs along as it tries to take off, asking the driver for a ride for his beds. So Laurence clearly has a different safety threshold from Cindy. Bill and Cathi are on their way, while he whoops and yells happily at traffic from a standing position in the truck bed. "You'd better sit down before you fall down," Cathi warns, like he's the faller of the two of them. Laurence and Zac pile into the back seat of their truck's extended cab, saying they're in a race. "If those guys get there before us, we're done," Laurence tells the driver. "We go home." "Those guys" being Amani and Marcus, who are finally at the furniture store. They open their clue, get their beds into a pickup, and get back into their cab, telling their driver to follow the truck carrying their beds. "Please don't let us get eliminated," Amani says.

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