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"This is the Kingdom of Thailand," Phil announces over footage from all over the country, from the towering islands off Phuket to the towering skyscrapers of Bangkok. Whoa, I'm starting to write like this show. I guess Phil doesn't want to get too specific about what part of Thailand he's in, since last week's leg was pretty much evenly split between two very different parts of the country. Instead, he says, "Its diverse regions offer stunning tropical islands and ancient temples that have stood for centuries." And also the Kukrit house in Bangkok, which he says is the start of the sixth leg in a race around the world. Amani and Marcus won the previous leg (in fact, the happy screams they emitted after getting that news are still echoing through the garden), so they'll be leaving first, at 7:22 AM. Amani's pretty happy to read from the clue, "Fly to the warm heart of Africa [yes!], Malawi." Phil says that's more than 5,000 miles, across the Indian Ocean. After landing in Malawi, they'll need to get to a tobacco warehouse, specifically gate #7, to find their next clue. As they jog off the grounds to find a cab, Marcus VOs that they have four kids, the youngest of whom is a special needs child. He adds that he's always reminding himself to be patient with her, and they need to show her the value of not giving up. Oh, and they're also very excited to be going to Africa. Seems like the Amazing Editors always go out of their way to make sure we see how much the darker-skinned racers appreciate getting to visit that continent.

Bill and Cathi, who arrived at the mat right behind Team NFL, are leaving one minute later, at 7:23. They get in a cab, and Cathi says, "Africa's just fabulous." Which makes it sound like she and Bill have already been there, even if they don't look like it.

Ernie and Cindy's departure time is 7:24, which puts them a lot closer behind the other two teams than I thought. Cindy's also excited to be going to Malawi. In a pre-race interview, Cindy says with a rueful smile that they've made a mistake in every leg save the first one. That first one is why they have an Express Pass. Ernie says mistakes are inevitable, but they can try to minimize them. Seems to me the best way to do that would be to listen to Cindy more.

Siblings Justin and Jennifer are leaving at 7:29, in a relatively distant fourth. Jennifer solo-interviews that she teaches special-ed, she would do anything for her special-ed kids, and this race is like her special-ed baby. Except The Amazing Race gets Emmys instead of Special Olympics medals. Jennifer adds, "And I'm going to do what it takes to win." As long as that doesn't include much running.

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