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The Beauty Of Coming In Last

Karlyn, meanwhile, is speculating that beating the BQs to the Yield will be fun, because they "usually get everywhere before we do." "What goes around comes around," Lyn adds, and we flash back on the BQs, preparing to have what goes around come around, hopefully as gently as possible.

Commercials. The Power Through And Go Moment was ditching the *wins? That wasn't Power Through And Go, really. That was... Limp Less Than The Other Guy. America is so fickle.

When we return, the BQs are still unhappy about their position, while the *lyns attempt to remain cautiously optimistic. The *lyns arrive at Atlas Studios, where they are on the hunt for the Yield. But when they get there, they find that the entire thing is behind a gate, and the hours of operation don't start until 8:00 in the morning. Realizing they have no options, the *lyns get in their car to at least get some sleep. The Pointies and A(AM!)s arrive next. They're pleased not to see the BQs, and they're surprised, and I think a little humbled, to see the *lyns. Tyler explains in an interview that they all were rather surprised to be beaten out by the *lyns, and I think you can conclude that this whole thing woke them up a little bit. The BQs arrive last and realize that everyone else is there ahead of them. They also realize, however, that it's closed, and Kandice starts cackling. Everybody goes to sleep in their various SUVs. So that's two mistakes -- the connection and the bad navigating -- that have been negated.

The next morning, everyone is waiting behind the gate, so it's clearly going to be a foot race, meaning that the *lyns' advantage for handling the beginning of the leg better than any of the rest of the teams is going to come to absolutely nothing. The gates open. Everyone runs. The first to the box are Tyler and James, who choose not to Yield anyone. Second are Rob and Kimberly, who also don't Yield anyone. This leaves the BQs, who get there before the *lyns and Yield them. Which makes perfect sense, since it's almost the end of the race and it makes sense to use it against somebody, particularly if you're in third place. It's a highly rational use of the Yield, all things considered, especially compared to some other uses of it. Interestingly, when Dustin is standing on the mat, "presenting" her decision to the camera, not angry, knowing she has a leg up on the *lyns, she refers to them as "Alabama." And not "the sistas." Isn't that interesting? And while I'm totally on board with the Yield, the part where they paste up the *lyns' picture all, "If we didn't do this, we wouldn't be playing our best game," as if they regret doing it, which they don't, is totally disingenuous. You're not sorry to do it! Don't act like you are!

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