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The Beauty Of Coming In Last

Meanwhile, the A(AM!)s and Pointies wait for the BQs to get directions. As they're all sitting there clueless, they see the *lyns drive by and, of course, assume they have no idea where they're going. The *lyns ask a guy on the street about Atlas Studios, and they hustle him into the car and get going. He tells them they need to turn around.

At the BQs car, the Americans with the camera crew start to attract a lot of attention, and a bunch of local guys start walking over. There's no indication that the guys are anything other than looky-loos, but quite understandably, Dustin wants to err on the side of caution and get back in the car. Probably a good move. While all these guys stand around, the Pointies and A(AM!)s decide that this is not going to go well, so they bail on the situation and go look for someone else to ask. The BQs, meanwhile, think the guys around them are "harmless," and they actually wind up putting one in their car and taking him along for help. I'm not sure I'd pick up a guy at night in a not-very-populated area like that, even with the camera and sound guys as backup. But they do, and they're off.

Meanwhile, Rob finds somebody he thinks they can ask. This guy, too, winds up being hustled into the car. The BQs, at this point, are not feeling very confident as they drive with their guy through near-darkness. The Pointies' guy, however, leads them and Tyler and James to the Kasbah area, so they hop out and start looking around. They find the antique shop, and one at a time, they head in to fetch their clues. "The blondes were here, 'cause there's two left," Kimberly says as she takes her charm. Of course, she assumes that if somebody was here before them and the A(AM!)s, it had to be the BQs. Understandable, but... wrong. They read the Atlas Studios clue. These two teams get on their way to the studios.

Meanwhile, the *lyns are talking about how they want to get to the Yield first, and Lyn reports that Karlyn "definitely wants to Yield the Barbies." Karlyn says she's been "trying to slow them up since the beginning of the race." The BQs, however, don't currently need slowing, because their guy has not taken them to the Kasbah area they have in mind. They're sort of out in deserted, unlit territory, so if this is a Kasbah, it's... maybe the Kasbah Outlet Mall or something. Dustin resolves to take the guy back where they got him and try again. I appreciate the fact that she's not going to just dump him out in the desert. Finally, they make their way to the antique shop, and when they get their charm and their clue, they are not happy to realize that they are in last place headed toward a Yield. On the topic of being in last place, Dustin nearly spits, "How did the sistas find it?" Man, oh man, she really needs to stop doing that. That's gotten very ugly, and what bugs me more is that she always says it when she's pissed off or feels like they might be beating her. And she always says it in that exaggerated way, like dialect, you know? Why doesn't she say "sisters"? Why does she say "sistas"? Because... I mean, look. I'm sure she's a well-intentioned person, and I'm sure she thought this would look a particular way, and she's probably horrified that it looks this other way instead. But... she's making fun of the way people talk, and when you're making an explicitly racially based remark that makes fun of the way the people you're talking about talk, you're in an awfully dangerous area. I'm sure she will get such an earful about it that she will not do something like it again, but this is something I hope to see her apologize for after this is all over, because this is an uncomfortable thing she should not be doing. She says it again, almost right away. "The sistas might be in the lead right now, actually." I hate that. I haaaate that.

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