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The Beauty Of Coming In Last

Aaaanyway, the teams all land in Ourzazate. The BQs are the first out of the airport, and as usual, they decide to pay a taxi to lead them instead of figuring out where they're going. I have to agree with the EEFPs who have pointed out that at some point, the use of the leading taxis in every single leg takes something away from the enjoyment of the show. I'm not saying it's not fair at all, nor is it something any one team is responsible for -- it's totally fair, and the BQs, A(AM!)s, and Pointies have all done it regularly. But it's boring. It's not even a Fern, where they at least have some contact with the person. It's just an exchange of money for not having to navigate, and if the teams are begging in airports as much as has been reported, then they're benefiting from off-camera behavior that's allowing them to do better than they otherwise would, which means we're not really seeing a lot of things that are important. Anyway. Now, rather than Bore-is Kearns Goodwin, I am being some kind of reality-show ethicist, which is even worse. Why am I questioning my role in the universe? I don't think we know. The Pointies and A(AM!)s emerge from the airport and decide that they'll just follow the BQs who are following their taxi. The *lyns, on the other hand, know where they're going from the map, so they take off on their own.

There is the usual between-vehicle trash talk, and then the BQs' taxi pulls over. Ha! Hired yourselves a winner, there, ladies. The two teams following them wait as Lyn and Karlyn make their way through the deserted streets of this non-chaotic marketplace. Sure enough, they manage to find the antique shop entirely on their own. No Fern, no driver. Just a map and a brain. Nice work with the old-style racing, ladies. They go inside and choose a charm on a strap from a selection of four, and the guy behind the counter gives them a clue. They read the clue, which tells them to drive themselves to Atlas Studios. Phil explains that this is six miles, and it's a "famous Moroccan studio backlot" that was used in both Cleopatra and Gladiator. Not one, but two notoriously overrated movies. (Okay, maybe it's only me who thinks Gladiator was hilariously awful, but boy, I thought it enough for several people. The only thing missing from that movie was little robot silhouettes at the bottom. But I digress.) At the studios, teams will find a clue. Oh, and: "Caution: Yield ahead." Phil explains how one team can make another team wait a while before continuing. The *lyns speed off for the studios, and Karlyn makes it clear that she cannot wait for that Yield.

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