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The Beauty Of Coming In Last

Milan, 11:45 AM. The BQs get off the plane in a tizzy about how they have to hustle to make their connection. Dustin tells us that they're now standing at the counter, and they've been told that they missed the flight, because you have to be there 50 minutes before, and it's now 45 minutes before. The ticket lady, who doesn't speak very good English, ultimately reports that it's "not okay," and they can't get on the flight. They continue to push, and the lady says, "I said the flight is closed." She does have other work to do, ladies, and you missed the deadline that they undoubtedly could have told you about in Kiev, and you're the ones who decided to take the closest connection you can possibly have, so what do you have to gripe about? Oh, of course. "She was such a bitch!" Kandice announces as they walk away. "She was so unhelpful and so unkind," Dustin says contemptuously. Seriously, how dare an airline not bend rules for Miss California and Miss New York? It's kind of great, because they're, like, defining "sense of entitlement" here. Next time somebody asks me about that expression, this is where I'm sending them. Because... I mean, you can ask for special dispensation, but you can't expect it. The other thing is that given what we've already seen of Dustin's tendency to assume that people in the service industry are nitwits if they don't do what she wants, you can bet that this attitude she's strutting around with right now was entirely visible to the lady at the counter. The idea that anybody is obligated to stretch their rules for you is absurd. I mean, there's always going to be such a thing as missing a plane by five minutes. They make the rule 50, and you can't believe they wouldn't let you get on at 45. Then you know they let you get on at 45 last time, and you can't believe they won't let you on at 40. And before long, it's anarchy, and planes are never leaving, all to please people who voluntarily chose very tight connections to begin with. It's one of the most human and least appealing things you see on this show, this way that people vent their unhappiness at their own mistake by blaming other people. Dustin isn't angry; she feels stupid, which is fine, but different, and if she'd just say that, it would all be over, and she'd get sympathy, because everybody feels stupid sometimes. They go off in search of another flight.

In Paris, it's 1:20 PM, and the flight carrying the other three teams is arriving. Tyler and James and the Pointies get right on toward Casablanca, but the *lyns have to wait around. They use the time wisely by spreading out a giant map on the floor and figuring out what the hell they're doing once they get to Ourzazate. I know a couple of five-year-olds who would be in utter heaven rolling around on that giant, unfamiliar map she has.

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