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The Beauty Of Coming In Last

At the airport, the Pointies ask for tickets connecting through Casablanca. I'm pretty sure the "additional information" told them they had to do that, just because of how all the teams are presenting that as the challenge to the ticket agent. I don't know why I always feel the need to point out things like that, except on the theory that I am some kind of dry reality-show historian. Bore-is Kearns Goodwin, as it were. Tyler and James are the next to show up, and these two teams determine that there's a flight that will connect through Paris and get to Casablanca at 4:35 PM. Plenty of time, obviously to wait for the 10:55 PM flight to Ourzazate. The BQs come wandering up, and they ask whether this group found anything. Given how bad they are at projecting nonchalance in this situation, I hope neither of them had "acting" as her talent. Rob looks at them and tells them that they're all getting in at 1:00. "To Casablanca?" a BQ asks in disbelief. Rob confirms that they have tickets to get into Casablanca at 1:00. (Of course... it won't matter unless... well, never mind; I don't want to wreck his joke.) Rob doesn't crack as Kandice chokes out a chuckle over the fact that they "thought [they] were doing so good." Rob interviews that the BQs "race with a certain amount of arrogance," which I completely agree with, which is why I don't blame him for this at all. The assembled boys have some fun watching Dustin try to choke back her pissed-off-edness and recast it as passive-aggressive smiling. Dustin insists that she's not mad, she's just trying to figure out why they didn't find out about the flight. "You know, I'll tell you why," Rob says, drawing out his moment as every guy should. "Because it didn't exist." The group laugh at the BQs expense is richly deserved, and then the A(AM!)s and Pointies get their tickets through Paris.

The BQs leave for Milan. Not getting anywhere important before anyone else, but boy, they're getting out of Kiev! If there were a beauty pageant for getting out of Kiev quickly, they would definitely win!

The *lyns arrive at the airport. They learn that they can connect through Paris, and they can get the same flight out of here that the Pointies and A(AM!)s are getting, but they're getting a later connection, so they won't be in Casablanca until 10:00 PM, with their next connection on that same 10:55 flight. They buy their tickets. As the AYL explains, the three Paris teams are all getting on their way. (AYL: "I'm only going as far as Casablanca. They don't pay me enough to spell 'Ourzazazaza,' or whatever it is.")

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