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The Beauty Of Coming In Last

The BQs park their car at the airport, having edged ahead of the A(AM!)s while the guys were taking care of navigation. They go inside. They talk to a random airport-wandering guy who tells them to get a flight through Milan, and indeed, a ticket lady tells them that there is a flight from Milan to Casablanca. They should know, she stresses, that the connection in Milan will be tight, but they'll get to Casablanca by 3:00. "This is about as tight a connection as you can have," a BQ notes. They happily get their tickets without, apparently, checking on the route to the ultimate destination, which would seem to be a fairly obvious question, unless you have predetermined that you should fly through Milan, which... why? Because Some Airport Guy said so? If he told you to have the tuna salad, would you do that too? Baaaa! Baaaa!

Tyler and James get to the airport. Predictably, they aren't happy that Dustin and Kandice are there ahead of them, because these teams are locked in an eternal battle between bitter rivals, or else they all kind of want to make out with each other and don't really know what to do with that. The A(AM!)s go inside and locate the BQs, who reveal that they're going through Milan. The boys check on the Milan flight, but there are no more seats on that one. Now, the BQs finally check on the actual connection to Ourzazate, finding out that it leaves at 10:55 PM and is basically the only flight there. So now the BQs have booked themselves a very close connection in Milan in order to get them to Casablanca seven hours before their next connecting flight leaves. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Kandice, incidentally, is confidently pronouncing the city "OR-a-zad" now, which you could kind of figure out isn't right by counting the Zs. Once you're at the airport, you ought to know how to pronounce the city you're going to, is my opinion.

9:08 AM. We learn from the *lyns that they are getting no money for this leg. They chat on the way off the mat about what language is spoken in Morocco, and Lyn offers "Moroccan." Karlyn waits a beat, then points out that this is not a language, and they laugh. Lyn interviews that it's weird to be all that's left of their alliance, but they wear the distinction "with pride." Honestly, I think Karlyn couldn't care less. I think the needle on Karlyn's attitude only budges about two clicks nicer than "better you than me," even with people she genuinely likes. She says that the competition is tough, but they're "ready for it."

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